Tartan: An all-season fashion print
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Tartan: An all-season fashion print

Your journey as a fashion icon can begin with a tartan suit

Tartan: An all-season fashion print

From Scotland to all over the world, tartan fabric has come a long way and made a place for itself in the world of fashion and our wardrobes. 

As the royal family of the United Kingdom sported this heritage fabric, it was introduced to the masses. With celebrities carrying themselves in tartan, it became a trend and people from all around the world welcomed it in their wardrobes. 

Bollywood celebrities like Anushka Sharma, Ananya Pandey, Shraddha Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor, etc have also been spotted in tartan and made it popular in India. Eventually, tartan made its way from only winter wear to all-season wear. 

Here is the list of essential tartan staples that need to be present in the closets of fashion lovers: 

Tartan dress

Credit: British Retro

The beauty of a tartan dress lies in its size. Wear a long-flowy tartan dress, buckle it up with a broad strap belt and jazz it up with block heels. Wear a little bling of matching coloured earrings and voila, you are slaying a party look. 

Tartan coats


Tartan coats are the one of the best separates to be mixed and matched with other fashion staples. You can carry it with black pants for a formal look, team it up with ripped jeans for a street-style look, layer it with a bodycon dress to avoid discomfort, pair it with crop tops to resemble a vintage look, or wear a matching skirt to give a vibe of a fashion-forward person. We are all of this versatility. 

Tartan skirt with plaid

Credit: Pinterest

This is one of the most common tartan fashion staples and still runs strong in the fashion scene. Tartan skirts with plaids carry the potential to embrace your look and should be present in your closet. Wear bright colours like red, pink, dark blue, or dark green in tartan print. Footwear like black-velvet boots or brown or silver coloured gladiator sandals would complement this skirt. 

Tartan short skirt

Credit: Pinterest

Tartan short skirts remind us of school skirts! These skirts give a perfect silhouette and take your look to a notch above without much effort. You can even utilise your old boring tops and the old white or black shirts with these skirts. You can wear chain belts to accessorise your waist while wearing the skirt.

Tartan pants

Credit: Pinterest

If we think beyond the pants or jeans, here comes those boxy-informal pants. Such pants are unisexual and the best sartorial pieces for casual wear. These killer pants can be dressed in plain tom-boyish shirts. Just be old-fashioned and a minimalist and wear the loose shirts of your father or brother and rock this look. 

Tartan suits

Credit: sazan.me

Your journey as a fashion icon can begin with a tartan suit. Wearing ordinary formal wear can be monotonous but a tartan suit can give an edge to your formal look. This suit is a full package of style and elegance so you should avoid accessories. Do not go overboard with your hairstyle as it can kill that professional look.