Greater Noida: Crowne Plaza inaugurates Zero Mile Artisanal Water Plant
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Greater Noida: Crowne Plaza inaugurates Zero Mile Artisanal Water Plant

The new water plant will reduce the consumption of 60,000 plastic bottles monthly

Greater Noida: Crowne Plaza inaugurates Zero Mile Artisanal Water Plant

Greater Noida: On the occasion of Independence Day, Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida inaugurated Zero Mile Artisanal Water Plant. The plant is one of the first steps to reduce the monthly consumption of more than 60,000 single-use plastic bottles at the hotel. Thus, contributing to the environment through InterContinental Hotel Group's Green Engage system.

Packaged mineral water that we drink takes the course of several miles before consumption. After use, plastic bottles are discarded which take up to 450 years to decompose. To break this cycle, it becomes imperative for individuals and organisations to unite and adopt measures that will reduce the waste footprint.

After the inauguration, General Manager of Crowne Plaza, Ashwini Nayar said, “The team at Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida had pledged to substantially reduce its carbon footprint. Whilst the unfortunate circumstances due to the covid pandemic may have created unprecedented challenges, our commitment has never wavered and we continued to work towards our vision of Green Engagement.”

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The new water plant will ensure fresh, zero-mile water at the hotel massively impacting the monthly waste and carbon footprint. “I am happy that a milestone has been achieved today and not only we will be announcing some more initiatives about work that we've continued doing for these past few years but we also hope to inspire other hotels to continue their own efforts towards sustainability,” added Ashwini.

The IHG Green Engage is an innovative online environmental sustainability system that gives its hotels the means to measure and manage their impact on the environment. It provides over 200 'green solutions' designed to help its hotels reduce their energy, water, and waste, and improve their impact on the environment. The system has 4 levels, and hotels that achieve 3 levels can reduce energy consumption by 25 per cent.

As the discourse towards sustainable development is gaining momentum, large-scale organisations are trying to adopt environment-friendly measures of conducting business. With pertinent issues of increasing global warming (July 2021 was declared as the hottest month in 142 years by the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration), there exists a need for environment-friendly initiatives taken at a personal and industrial scale.