A walk through the woods
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A walk through the woods

Greenery around us helps in smoothen our mental and physical trouble both

A walk through the woods

Have you ever sensed a relaxing feeling  after spending time in your garden or after a walk in nature? It is proven that mother nature is magical, when it comes to boosting the healing process. After all, we all are universally connected to each other, so why can’t we rely on nature for our betterment? 

Greenery around us helps in alleviating both physical and mental stress. Ever heard about forest therapy? Nowadays people are adopting this simple therapy to enhance their physical and mental health. Idea of this therapy came from Japan and is inspired by one of the Japanese practices ‘Shinrin-Yoku’ also called forest bath.  

What is forest therapy ? 

Forest therapy is a process where you observe nature closely by activating all of your body senses. It is different from any type of mount climbing, hiking or forest stay. This therapy is more than a walk in nature. 

As an emerging trend, trained people in wellness advocate engaging in nature through sight, smell, touch and listening. Mindfulness is being taught, which is about staying in the present moment and experiencing the surroundings deeply .  

This therapy is more about involving yourself, feeling and sensing the woodland . It is an emerging aid in India and people are growing towards it slowly. There are particular events and places, which are dedicated to this therapy.  It is believed that once the leader of Japan came across an increasing number of cases of mental illnesses. Thereafter, he came up with the idea of forest therapy in the 1980's.

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Health benefits of forest therapy

Forest therapy is leading people to get back to old solutions given its wide benefits. Have you ever thought about why old people prefer to go in deep meditation around nature? Because nature is a miraculous gift, in experiencing the process of feeling the present moment.  

Here are some of the benefits you can acquire through this amazing therapy : 

  • Stress is one of the most common issues people face today. Forest bath will help you in reducing the stress hormone ‘Cortisol’. If you will practice therapy regularly it can benefit your chronic stress too.
  • It is believed that green color states the feeling of calmness and refreshment.  Meditation around nature helps elevate your mood and causes you to feel relaxed and happy. Some researchers also claim that the melodious sounds of nature eliminates the anxiety level.
  • Another research also supports the statement that forest therapy is helpful in maintaining blood pressure and regulates the blood sugar level. 
  • Forest bath will help you in boosting your immune system. You have to compromise with your immune system if you are suffering from chronic stress . Forest bathing is effective in decreasing stress.
  • For many people, this can be a great start for spiritual well being. 
  • If your job demands high creativity, having occasional blocks is normal. As forest bathing leads to mental peace you can enhance your creative power with it. 

If you want to experience an amazing result, be regular to this practice and it will show desired results. 

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Meditation leads to better focusing power and increases your capability. You can try it as well for 15 minutes everyday. Here are some of the tips on how you can meditate well in woodland : 

  • Sit comfortably and try releasing all your tension. Now start focusing on your breathing gradually. 
  • Eventually start focusing on sounds you can hear around ( like chirping of morning birds ) 
  • Feel the wind flowing on your body
  • If you are facing east you can also feel the light and warmth of a fresh sunrise. 
  • You can also try some breathing exercises .
  • If you are meditating early in the morning it will help you to create a positive vibe throughout the day as suggested by many of the spiritual teachers. 
  • Tip : Wear loose cloth while meditating to feel fresh from head to toe. 

Take out time for forest therapy and feel wonderful!