“Bachpan ki car” kabhi bhul nahi jana re
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“Bachpan ki car” kabhi bhul nahi jana re

Remember the time when we used to shout from our school buses, look at our favorite cars and shout

“Bachpan ki car” kabhi bhul nahi jana re

Remember the time, when we used to shout from our school buses, whenever we saw our favorite cars and  said, One day I will buy this car in future. Children are never bound to any limit and that's where their creativity takes place.

Our childhood imagination was always full of cars and we have seen them in cartoons and movies, pretending to feel like the luckiest kid in this whole world while driving it. Let's get some nostalgia back and remember our childhood favorite car memory : 


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Remember Tarzan the wonder car? This purple-colored car was an amazing dream car for all of us. It was one of the favourite cars for all the children back in the years of 2000 Toyota MR2 gained much recognition after the movie of Ajay Devgn, ‘Tarzan the wonder car’.

One of the main reasons behind its popularity was the supernatural power it had. It could drive on its own, can escape from traffic and squeeze out at any time. 


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“Agya noddy, noddy, chlakar apni car”. This sound of Noddy’s car has always pulled me in front of television. Watching Noddy coming in his cute red and yellow car and greeting everyone in his village made many of us have a desire for that car.

Every kid from early 2000 can feel the excitement they had in the past, even today also when listening about these cars. Cars from the cartoons like noddy taking inspiration from Fiat Gamine Vignale.  



The Leyland Mini 1000 Mark IV, was mr. Bean's little green companion in which he roams around the streets of London doing some hilarious things. This car became popular in 1977 and was loved by every kid.

After some time, people reinvented its name with Mr. Bean’s Car and kids of early 2000 also recognised it with the same name. 


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Sitting in a sunroof car and jumping out from its roof window was always our dream.  

First sun roof car was the Nash car, which came in 1937. This car is in trend and can be seen in most of the cars but earlier it was counted under luxurious cars. 


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It was the perfect choice for a whole family to travel in one vehicle and also for fighting with aliens in the cartoon Ben 10. This car was so famous among all the kids that even a toy company launched those cars. 


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Blue octopus driving in the red car with his tiny dog was the most calming scene for the children of that generation.  Oswald’s red car was well known that time and even today its memory is fresh in our minds.