Gaur City: Damaged roads howl for attention
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Gaur City: Damaged roads howl for attention

The service road near gate number 2 of Gaur City 1 has been broken for a long time

Gaur City: Damaged roads howl for attention

Greater Noida: The residents of Gaur City 1, a residential township in Greater Noida West, are facing problems due to damaged roads near Gate number 2. The road stretch had taken a serious beating not only in rain but also on usual days.

Earlier as well, CitySpidey had written about this issue of damaged roads at Gaur City. However, the situation of the roads is still the same. The road condition is barely motorable after the rain and the numerous potholes on the road stretch hardly leave any space for manoeuvring.

Less road, more potholes 

CitySpidey talked to Gaurav Gupta, a resident of Gaur City 1, he said, “The residents of Gaur City-1 have made complaints to Greater Noida Authority through their official MITRA App multiple times and also have been tracking numbers from them for a long time. This has also been escalated directly to the CEO of the authority, Jansunwai, Central Pollution Board, UP Pollution Board. They all have been reached out in the last two years but the situation of the road near Gate number 2 remains demolished and shattered as always.”

“How can a prime traffic running road near a township which pays good amount in taxes and registries to the authority remain in this pathetic situation for so long? We have contacted local people representatives as well and this remains as it is,” Gupta said.

Potholes or craters, ask residents at Gaur City 

Another resident of Gaur City 1, Anita Prajapati, raised similar concerns. She said, “The condition of Gaur City 2 roads are still the same, it has become difficult to move. I am surprised to see that after  registering complaints, why concerned officials are delaying the resolution.”

“Gaur City is a populated area now and people are facing these kinds of issues in high rise townships. The authority should quickly carry out patch works to fill up at least the potholes,” she added.

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