Dwarka: Sanitation goes on toss in Sector 7
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Dwarka: Sanitation goes on toss in Sector 7

A spot on the side of the road has turned into a garbage heap

Dwarka: Sanitation goes on toss in Sector 7

Dwarka: Dumping of garbage near Dada Dev Mandir Road in Sector 7, Dwarka, has become a nuisance for the residents. It has become a perennial issue as no authority is paying attention to it. Residents have been bearing this since the last year. Due to this, they are having to put up with constant stink and an unhygienic atmosphere.

Tejpal Singh, a resident of Sector 7, said, “The situation is absolutely hopeless right now, as the concerned people from SDMC, including the councillor and the mayor, are acting indifferent on the subject.”

A resident of Sector 7, tweeted, “Dwarka Pathetic Condition of garbage treatment in Dwarka sector 7 dada dev Mandir road. We are bearing this for the last two months. please do something. (sic)”

A resident of Sidhartha Kunj Apartments, Munish Kundra, who has been raising the issue with the concerned authorities said, “The vacant land besides Dada Dev Road in Sector 7 has again become a dumping ground for garbage. For the last 5-6 months, it has again been full of dump and we are worried about the problems during the rains. This must be stopped or at least cleaned properly on daily basis.”

Garbage dump in Sector 7, Dwarka

RWAs and managing committees of the societies in the area are unhappy with the way the corporation has been tackling sanitation in the sector. They said that the sector has always been neglected by the authorities.

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Hemant Sharma, another resident of Sector 7, said, “We are forced to inhale foul smell due to this. We have told the area councillor and the MLA several times about the nuisance caused by poor management of waste in the area but they do not seem to take this matter seriously at all! We are now following up the subject with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) officials and they have assured us with a solution soon.”

Condition is so much worse that the pedestrians do not have any space to walk on roadsides as the entire footpath remains covered in waste material. The condition at Sector 7 tells the truth of the municipal corporation, how much they are working. During monsoon, the situation worsens as the waste rots and makes the area unable to access.

Authorities need to get immediate action against it.