Dwarka: It's always a bumpy ride from Sector 9 to 21
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Dwarka: It's always a bumpy ride from Sector 9 to 21

A biker, commuting from the Dwarka sector-21 to Gurgaon met with an accident

Dwarka: It's always a bumpy ride from Sector 9 to 21

Dwarka: If you are commuting in Dwarka and going towards Sector 9 to 21, you need to be extra careful as the whole lane has potholes and roads in bad shape. There is a big pothole in the middle of the road, due to which the vehicles have to slow down to cross that spot. Lane has become a cause for concern for commuters. However, the authorities have turned a deaf ear to their complaints.

Roads in bad shape at Sector 9 to 21 Dwarka

The particular spot is on one of the busiest roads of Dwarka which is used by big and large vehicles alike. The place is so prominent that anyone can witness the potholes and damaged roads.

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Seema Arora, a resident from Sector 21 said, “This is indeed shocking! While there are so many agencies working on different aspects of infrastructure maintenance, nobody has bothered to repair this. It is in fact on the road.”

Many commuters have complained many times on Twitter.

Gunjan Jha, a commuter from Sector 21, tweeted, “@nitin_gadkari @DelhiPwd the road from Dwarka metro 9 to Dwarka sector 21 metro is in such a dangerous condition. Accidents are waiting to happen. Some minister needs to travel on that road to understand what taxpayers go through. Such a shame.”

Vivek, a commuter from Dwarka Sector 21, tweeted, “@OfficialSdmc @official_dda @CMODelhi @LtGovDelhi big size potholes in fact total stretch of the road adjoining to Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station to Dwarka Sector 21 Metro Station has been badly damaged for since last several months. Heavy traffic of all kinds is there.”

Tejpal Kumar, a resident from Sector 21 said, “That is indeed true. The apathy is glaring. The Delhi Development Authority, Municipal Corporation of Delhi or the Horticulture Department have just turned a blind eye to this critical part of the infrastructure.”

Sudha, a commuter from Sector 21, Dwarka, said, “I drove this route today and it's horrible. Full of potholes and stones. There is no road at all”

Now the situation has become worse as the surface near the pothole has become increasingly damaged in the stretch. CitySpidey visited the spot on Tuesday afternoon and took photographs to create awareness about the danger of this stretch of the road among the community and the authorities. The concerned authorities must take notice of this and start the repair process urgently.