Dwarka: Commuters wary of big pothole in Sector 3
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Dwarka: Commuters wary of big pothole in Sector 3

The authorities have turned a deaf ear to their complaints regarding the pothole

Dwarka: Commuters wary of big pothole in Sector 3

Dwarka: If you are commuting in Dwarka and going towards Sector 3 traffic signal nearby Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology and Deendayal Upadhyaya College, you can find a big pothole in the middle, due to which the vehicles have to slow down and lower their speed to cross that spot.

The lane has become a cause for concern for commuters. However, the authorities have turned a deaf ear to their complaints. The particular spot is on one of the busiest roads of Dwarka which is used by big and large vehicles alike. The place is so prominent that anyone can witness the potholes.

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Swati Dixit, a commuter, said, “Authorities should be proactive. Before the rainy season, such damaged roads should be repaired to avoid problems.”

Also, CitySpidey brought the issue to the fore with a tweet, “The potholes are in the middle of the road at Sector 3, Noida. Commuters on bikes and cars are finding it tough to avoid them.”

Kuldeep Sharma, a resident from Sector 3 said, “There are so many agencies working on different aspects of infrastructure maintenance, nobody has bothered to repair this. It is in fact on the road.”

Namita Kundan, another resident from Sector 3 said, “That is indeed true. The apathy is glaring. The Delhi Development Authority has just turned a blind eye to this critical part of the infrastructure.”

Suhail Saify, a commuter from Sector 3, said, “I drive through this route every day and it's horrible. It is full of potholes and stones and it becomes miserable when it rains.”

Now the situation has become worse as the surface near the pothole has become increasingly damaged in the stretch. CitySpidey is trying to attract the attention of the authorities to take the matter into concern and make the roads safe for commuters.