Dwarka: Alarmed residents protest against mobile tower installation
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Dwarka: Alarmed residents protest against mobile tower installation

A resident said that the installation procedure was made clandestinely in the dark hours

Dwarka: Alarmed residents protest against mobile tower installation

Dwarka: Residents of Sector 9, one of the poshest localities in Dwarka, on Saturday morning staged a protest against the installation of a 5G mobile tower in the residential pockets. They said that it would adversely impact the health of children, senior citizens and pregnant women who have been residing with their families in the sector.

Considering this, they took to protest against the development. While protesting, residents said to Cityspidey, “On Thursday the resident got to know about the construction happening in park 3, Sector 9 and when they asked the agency about it. They said it is just a mass light construction.”

When asked for a letter of permission for the construction, they immediately said no and residents stopped them from doing any construction without permission.

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The wall and railing of the park's green area had been demolished by the agency by doing the construction and they don’t have any permission regarding this.

Specifically, more than 20 residents of the societies around it had assembled at the site on Saturday morning and have protested not to allow this construction to happen at any cost as it is hazardous to the health of the residents. The rules also do not permit raising such towers/structures in residential areas.

KS Bhati, President of Federation of residents of RWA and societies of Sector 9 (FORWAS) informed that a private agency, which is still unknown because they are not giving any information to the residents, was trying to install a mobile tower in the green belt during the night without any permission. It is close to several societies in the sector.

Taking into account the health issue that may be caused due to wave radiation, residents of the sector strongly opposed the installation. MK Singh, General Secretary of FORWAS, said, “This installation procedure of the tower was made clandestinely in the dark hours of the night, hiding the view by placing curtains to obstruct the view to the residents of the societies across the road.”

GS Sodhi, a resident of Sector 9, said, “At night, the agency started breaking park walls and without any permission we made them stop and we as a resident of Sector 9 opposed it as the radiation emanating from it would cause health hazards.”

The agitated residents have demanded that this tower construction should stop because it is near residents' areas, schools and parks and hazardous to health.