World Tourism Day: Places you can visit under 10k near Delhi
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World Tourism Day: Places you can visit under 10k near Delhi

Who doesn’t want to have a happy and refreshing weekend gateway?

World Tourism Day: Places you can visit under 10k near Delhi

Who doesn’t want to have a happy and refreshing weekend gateway? The tiring weekdays craves resting weekends. The arrival of the coronavirus has hampered us in many ways, and travelling is one of them. Travelling is more likely a recreation and way of living for many people. I am personally a traveller, but Covid-19 has restricted my travelling. Now many travel destinations are reopened with the proper guidelines and care.

Here is the list of tourist places on the day of world tourism day; you can visit under 10k near Delhi without digging a hole into your pocket.


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You won’t need any reason to visit Dharamshala and Mcleodganj for your next trip after the description I’ll be giving. However, the greatest one is that it is an ideal vacation location that considers an immense assortment of guests and has on the plate a tad for everybody. You also will see a perfect blend of Indian and Tibetan societies. Families will live it up visiting the neighbourhood market, diners and spots like Bhagsu Waterfall. You can also wander upon the Triund journey and camp there around evening time to have their fill of the rush.

How to reach: Mcleodganj is approximately 480 to 500 kilometres, depending on where you started in Delhi. You can take the bus, travel by train or by your vehicle.

Main attractions: Monastery visits, shopping, cafe-hopping, Yoga and trek to Triund are the main things to do in Mcleodganj.

Best place to stay: Backpackers Inn  INR 800 per person per night onwards can make your trip budget-friendly.


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Almora, the cultural capital of Kumaon Almora, known for its cultural diversity, stands at an average altitude of 1,638 meters and stretches over a 5 km long ridge on Kashyap Hill. Surrounded by dwindling pines and centuries-old oaks, the city has a divine aura that attracts backpackers.

The snow-capped Himalayas rise in great splendour to delight Almora visitors to make the landscape even more fascinating.

How to reach:  Almora is approximately 370-400 kilometres away from Delhi. You can visit Almora by bus, road or train accordingly.

Main attractions: Chitai golu devta temple, deer park,  kalimat Almora., martola, Lala bazaar and sunrise at the bright end corner.

Best place to stay: You will easily find budget-friendly hotels and Oyo hotels for your ease.


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The heavenly city of Rishikesh is a hermit's isolation, a savvy's residence and an adventurous sports lover centre point. This vibrant city is among the holiest spots for Hindus. The peaceful and once in a while seething stream of Gange's streams in time everlasting in this sacred city, giving sustenance and life to numerous natural creatures.

How to reach: Rishikesh is about 300 kilometres away from Delhi. You can easily travel by road, bus or train.

Main attractions: There are a plethora of attractions in Rishikesh, 1. Shivpuri 2. Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula 3. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple 4. Triveni Ghat 5. Rishikund 6. Jumpin Heights and, of course, a spot for all the adventure sportsman lovers!

Best place to stay: camping can be a choice for an affordable stay, or you can explore Oyo rooms and other hotels accordingly.


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Pushkar is one of the most historical cities in India. Situated inthe northwest of Ajmer, it is a favoured destination for many travellers and fans rushing to Rajasthan. Along with intriguing history, a tradition of immortal design legacy makes Pushkar a captivating city.

How to reach: There is no air terminal in Pushkar, and the city is simply 419.9 km from Delhi, so the ideal approach to arrive at Pushkar from Delhi is either in a train or in a bus. You can likewise choose your own convince and cover the distance in roughly 8 - 9 hours.

Main attractions: Pushkar lake, bhrama temple, man mahal, rose garden and grand Puskar mela.

Best place to stay: You can always look for budget-friendly Oyo, hostels and hotels


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Encircled by backwoods of oak, pine chestnut trees, the charming cantonment town of Kasauli in Himachal is ideal for those searching for a tranquil break. It is situated among Chandigarh and Shimla. You can explore its curious cabins and British-era holy places and graveyards over long strolls. You can likewise travel up to the ridge sanctuary for mind-blowing perspectives on the Himalayas. The region has fostered a couple of good cafés and restaurants, so you'll discover a few alternatives to meet your longings. Visit Kasauli and become mixed up in the excellence of nature.

How to reach: Kasauli is approximately 284 km away from Delhi best you can do is travel by bus or on your own convince.

Main attractions: Gilbert Trail – Nature Lovers Sunset Point –  Photography Enthusiasts, Manki Point –  Scenic Beauty, Christ Church – A Historical Landmark,  Sunrise Point – An Impeccable Start, Gurkha Fort –  History Buffs, The Mall Road –  Shopaholics, Kasauli Brewery – Enjoy A Drink, Timber Trail Resort –  Unique Experience and Central Research Institute – Marvel At Its Architecture

Best place to stay: Airbnb, hostels and hotels are the best suitable choices for a stay.


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Mukteshwar is a satisfying destination arranged at 2,285 metres above ocean level in the Nainital area of Uttarakhand state. Mukteshwar got its name from a 350-year-old sanctuary Mukteshwer Dham whose living god is Lord Shiva.  The mountain’s highest point on which Mukteshwar Temple stands offers excellent perspectives on the overwhelming Himalayan reach.

How to reach: The distance between Delhi to Mukteshwar by Road is 348 Kilometres. You can take the bus, by car or in fact by air also.

Main attractions: Trekking – Breathe In The Mountain Air,
Paragliding – Fly Above The World,  High Rock Climbing – Take The Upwards Challenge Sunrise Above Nanda Devi Peak – Behold The Sight, Visit Ancient Temples – The Pahari Gods, Shopping At Kilmore Shop – Pick Some Souvenirs Heritage Viewing – About Colonial Times

Best place to stay: Hostels, hotels, Airbnb and Oyo's are relevant and the best options for affordable stays.


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Amritsar holds an exceptionally unique spot in the mind of Indians. The city is a significant milestone regarding strict objections, social legacy, public respectability of India and India's battle for autonomy from British guidelines in the mid-twentieth century. Home to the famous Golden Temple or the Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara, Amritsar additionally compliments significance with the commemoration of the Jallianwala Bagh. Aside from these, Amritsar is likewise renowned for its food, the amicable locals and nearby business sectors and of course, the vibrant and happening bazaars!

How to reach: It is around 450 kilometres from Delhi.  You can travel to Amritsar by road easily, in fact, train travel can be a good option.

Main attractions: The divine Golden temple, Shri Harminder sahib, jhaliyaan Wala bagh and Bagha border.

Best place to stay: Golden temple provides free stay service to its people; the local's hotels and Oyos are the best places to stay.