How much coffee is too much coffee?
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How much coffee is too much coffee?

Coffee beans are extracted from “coffea”, a small tree or shrub which grows in tropical regions

How much coffee is too much coffee?

Coffee is one of the most desired drinks all over the world. While some may not like coffee, to some people, coffee has become an addiction. Coffee beans are extracted from “coffea”, a small tree or shrub which grows in tropical regions. They are actually extracted from coffee cherries after peeling their outer cover.

Coffee has supported the economical growth of India for years. It is available in markets with different varieties and people love to enjoy their coffee with different styles and ingredients. In recent years, studies have revealed proven health benefits of coffee. It helps in lowering the risk of stroke, brightens the mood and keeps you away from depression, heart problems, may help in losing weight and reduces the risk of Parkinson’s.

But do you know anything consumed in higher amounts or more than a need will cause disastrous health issues? Here is a guide to know how coffee should be consumed to reduce its negative effect and the amount of coffee one can drink in a day:

1. Do not consume more than 2-3 cups of coffee a day or 4,000 milligrams of coffee, be mindful and know what can cause you trouble and take care to be good to your body. As it can lead to having issues like:

Fast heartbeatumesh
Frequent urination.

2. To reduce the negative effect of coffee on your health, you can consume it plain without adding anything to it.

3. Some doctors also suggest, you should not treat yourself with sweetened coffee as it can lead your taste buds to become habitual of it. Eventually, you will crave sweet coffee.

4. You can try powder forms of natural elements like cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg to make your coffee taste sweet.

5. You can avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks after 6 pm as it can cause sleep deprivation.

6. Go for plant-based milk, as it contains less sugar in comparison to cow's milk. This helps to reduce saturated fat in the body and gradually lowers the risk of heart diseases.

7. If you drink coffee then avoid other drinks dense with caffeine.

8. Excessive coffee can adversely affect blood pressure.

Maintain your lifestyle, try to walk every day and drink lots of water.

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