Increase in Chikungunya cases in Dwarka
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Increase in Chikungunya cases in Dwarka

Residents demand dense fogging and spraying, say SDMC is not serious about the issue.

Increase in Chikungunya cases in Dwarka Picture used for representative purpose only.

The number of Chikungunya patients is rising in Dwarka as everyday a few cases are being found. Residents from societies across the sub city say that the South Delhi Municipal Corporation is not taking the problem seriously and that fogging needs to be done in certain areas.

SN Vashistha, president of Akash Ganga Cooperative Group Housing Society, Sector 6, says, “There are seven cases of Chikungunya in our knowledge. We have been taking all precautionary measures but still there are some cases. We wanted South Delhi Municipal Corporation to come and do the needful. We complained thrice in the last 10 days, but there has been no response. What should we do now? It’s their job to take care of these matters. We are doing what we can but we need the support from the authority.”

Kusum Bhatt, president of Harmony Apartments, Sector 4, says, “Our general secretary is suffering from Chikungunya and there are other cases too. We called the SDMC several times for precautionary measures and controlling breeding of mosquitoes. But they are doing work only for formality. They have done fogging after the calls, but it doesn’t seem very effective. Now, there is a need of dense fogging in the area.”

According to residents, there are cases of Chikungunya in every society this year. Ramesh Mumukshu, an activist, says, “Imagine. Even if there’s one patient in one society, then the number of Chikungunya cases would be more than 500 in Dwarka. If you look at the data by various agencies, you would find it less than the actual numbers in the community. In reality, the number of cases is more, but most of them are not in the record of the authorities. SDMC should take the matter seriously and make arrangements to control it.”

The councillors of various wards say that they have been carrying out fogging in their areas. Shashi Tomar, the councillor of Ward No 135, says, “We have been carrying fogging and spraying across the ward. If there is a need of fogging in any pocket or society, anyone can contact me directly.”

Praveen Rana, councillor of Ward No 141, says, “We are fogging areas, but this year there is a lack of people in the corporation for such work in the ward. If I get a call from any pocket or society, I will do the needful.” The councillor of Ward No 136 was not available for comment.