What is Keratosis Pilaris
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What is Keratosis Pilaris

Have you come across some small bumps or rough patches on your skin

What is Keratosis Pilaris

Recently Indian actress Yami Gautam posted on Instagram where she revealed that she has a condition called Keratosis Pilaris. While writing about her condition, she gave the message of embracing oneself.

Credits: Yami Gautam(Instagram)

Keratosis Pilaris is a common skin condition that leads to rough patches and acne appearing like bumps on the skin. These bumps are dead skin cells bound to the hair follicles. Keratosis is considered to be a harmless and genetic skin condition that can easily extinct over time. Bumps on the skin can be red and brown in colour. Professionals state that the condition can worsen in winters due to dryness. It is also called chicken skin as it makes skin appear like a plucked chicken. 

According to Mayo clinic, almost 10 million people in India per year suffer from Keratosis Pilaris.

Symptoms of Keratosis Pilaris

These bumps appear on the skin wherever there is hair, therefore you can not see them on your feet or palms. They mostly come on arms,  thighs, lower legs or arms. It appears like goosebumps on the skin. Other symptoms include:

  • The skin may appear pink or red in colour.
  • Dry skin
  • Flakiness or roughness on skin
  • Sometimes skin can be itchy.

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Causes of Keratosis Pilaris
Keratosis can come because of the keratin buildup, a hair protein in the pores of hair that clogged the hair pores and result in blockage of opening for growing hair follicles. Therefore these bumps arrive in the place of hair. If you will ever try to scratch them you can see hair strands emerging out.  According to research, people with fair skin are more likely to be affected by Keratosis Pilaris. It can also occur during teenage or pregnancy due to hormonal changes. One may notice them in children too.

Who is more prone to Keratosis Pilaris?

  • People with the following type of condition can develop it:
  • Dry skin
  • Eczema
  • Ichthyosis Vulgaris: a condition when one’s body doesn't shed its own dead skin.
  • People with obesity and hay fever can also suffer from Keratosis Pilaris.

How to cure Keratosis Pilaris?

According to the Healthline website, there is no such cure identified yet, but there are many steps one can follow to reduce the effect of Keratosis Pilaris:

Take warm baths: Warm baths help in unclogging hair pores. Rub the body with some stuffed brush or with exfoliating towels it will help to remove bumps. Remember not to take longer baths as that can remove natural oils from your body. brushing towels on your skin harshly can worsen the condition.

Exfoliate: Exfoliating can be really helpful and result in smoothening of skin. Use scrubbers in different forms like exfoliating creams, bath body scrubs, exfoliating towels, soaps or stones. Remember to perform such tasks gently.

Moisturising: Applying hydrating lotions on your skin can make skin smooth, reduce dryness, itchiness, red patches and keep it soft.

Avoid body-hugging clothes: Tight clothes can worsen Keratosis Pliaris, irritate your skin and lead to red patches.