What's Mexico got to do with Noida?
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What's Mexico got to do with Noida?

Or why the Mexican ambassador decided to celebrate its Independence Day in Noida.

What's Mexico got to do with Noida? Mexican Ambassador to India Melba Pria stands in attention as her country's national anthem is played

When Mexico decided to celebrate the  206th anniversary of its  National Independence Day (September 13) at the entertainment venue KidZania in Sector 38A, Noida, quite a few eyebrows were raised. Why Noida? What's the connection?

That's when Mexican Ambassador to India Melba Pria, known for driving around in Delhi in an autorickshaw with blue number plates, decided to clear the air.


Mexican Ambassador to India Melba Pria joins the kids in a fire fighting drill.

Speaking from the stage, in response to a query from City Spidey, she said the connection actually lies in the venue itself: KidZania, the thematic child-sized replica of a real city that opened its doors in Noida on May 26 this year, is of Mexican origin. Operating in 16 locations worldwide, it allows kids to work in adult jobs and earn currency. "It is a globally known Mexican icon and it naturally made sense to us to celebrate our National Day here," said the ambassador who went on to explain the history of Mexico, similarities with Indian family system and food; and the theme behind the Mexican flag.

The entire venue was decorated colourfully as electronic boards across the sprawling cityscape flashed welcome messages for the ambassador. ‘The Cry of Independence’, a ritual of the church bells ringing was performed as Mexican residents and visitors cheered along with “Viva Mexico".

Of course, it was business as usual in this 96,000 sqft mini city as fire fighting trucks and ambulances wheeled  about with full-throttled sirens. Inside the auditorium, however, the audience were all ears hanging on to her every word, finally standing up for the Mexican national anthem.


Known for driving around Delhi in her official autorickshaw, Melba Pria is driven to the venue for a change.

Besides, our beloved ambassador loves Noida. "I know the township well. It is well laid out, well organised and great to drive around. It's a city that works," added Pria who has driven her auto in the NCR city as well.

Needless to say Noida residents were thrilled. "At least there is someone who speaks well of Noida and not dwell upon its traffic mess," said Raghav Kulseshtra, resident of ATS Greens I in Sector 50, who dropped by. And kids were left wiser from the experience. "I am loving Mexico. I want to stay there," said an excited junior resident from Noida's Sector 27, Varun Gulati.

Well, a tequila sunrise to you, your Excellency.