New website to fight against pollution in Delhi
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New website to fight against pollution in Delhi

The website will act as a holistic database of all one needs to know about reducing pollution

New website to fight against pollution in Delhi

New Delhi: In an initiative to fight against pollution, the Delhi government has launched a website Environment Minister Gopal Rai informed that this website has been launched to make all information related to anti-pollution campaigns available in one place. This effective use of the content will help spread awareness. Essential information about the EV Policy and Tree Transplantation Policy among other data will be available on the website.

As gathered by Rai, till now people had to rely upon multiple sources to get information in order to contribute to campaigns. With this website in place now, anyone can easily access information. “You can go and easily get to know what you need to do to comply with the anti-dust norms or any other campaign for that matter. You’ll also find all posters and creative material on the website. Everyone can freely pick up content from the website and share it on social media platforms and make people aware about reducing pollution in Delhi,” said Rai.

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The website will include Air Quality Index levels for Delhiites to check the air quality of their areas.  Rai added, “One will be able to visit the website and see local pollution levels around various centres across Delhi. In a short while, PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels in specific will also be available on the website for everyone to see.”  In addition to this, information about the Electric Vehicle policy, DTC bus routes, PUC Certificates, Tree Transplantation, Free Plant Distribution at Government Nurseries will also be available.

Rai appealed to the youth of Delhi to participate in the fight against pollution and amplify the content of the website through their social media. Highlighting their role, he said “Participation of the youth in this campaign is very essential. I am confident that everyone will contribute to our fight, but we all know how the youth can be a game-changer.

He further mentioned that RWAs will be encouraged to upload photos of their own awareness campaigns for all to see on the website as well. Thus, making the website a holistic database of all one needs to know about reducing pollution. It will include information on what RWAs can do at their level to reduce pollution, how people can take subsidies for electric vehicles, how and where people can get their vehicle's PUC checked, the route plan of the DTC buses and various measures to reduce air pollution.

Apart from this, if RWAs are doing any awareness program at their level, then they can give information about it through the website, and photos of their event will be put on the website. Not only this but also people can take online pledges to reduce their share of pollution on the website and share information with others.