How to stay dandruff free this winter
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How to stay dandruff free this winter

If you want a clean scalp and wear black in confidence this winter, here are some points to see

How to stay dandruff free this winter

Winters are here and some of us are already experiencing the rain of white flakes on our shoulders! Yes, dandruff. 

Dandruff is a fungus known as ‘Malassezia’ that grows on your scalp. This causes shedding of the scalp skin in the form of white flakes. 

Dandruff occurs due to a variety of reasons such as irregular or improper combing of hair, oiling/ shampooing scalp excessively or very less, poor diet, stress and some diseases like seborrheic dermatitis, Parkinson's disease and eczema. 

If you want a clean scalp and wear black in confidence this winter, here are some points you should consider:

Balanced diet: the first and foremost point to remember while caring for the hair and reducing the dandruff is consuming a balanced diet.

A good diet is a way to produce healthy hair, consume proper food like eggs, carrots, green vegetables, seasonal fruits and drink the sufficient amount of water you require. A balanced diet is necessary as it provides the proper nutrients to your body needs.  

Consider your surroundings: according to everydayhealth, a cold environment leads to dryness and dehydration due to which dandruff issues can arise. Therefore, to keep it hydrated remember to drink enough water and massage your scalp with oil at least once a week. 

Eat less sugar: consume natural honey or jaggery instead of sugar, also cut down on food which is high in calories. High blood sugar level causes the scalp to turn into flaky skin.  

Oil your hair: oiling is a necessary step to reduce the dryness level. One should oil their hair before every hair bath to reduce the level of dandruff.

Get your blood test done: if your condition does not resolve, then get your blood test done as it will help you to identify the underlying cause of dandruff. According to the Mayo clinic flaking like dandruff is a cause of scalp psoriasis and deficiency of particular vitamins in the body. 

Keep your scalp hydrated: according to health articles, nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B7 are helpful in keeping your scalp hydrated. Reduce bad fat and add more green vegetables and oils to your diet.

Manage your stress:  according to the American Academy of Dermatology, dealing with stress, tension or anxiety can worsen skin conditions, including those that appear on the scalp. So try to manage your stress with the help of balancing different aspects of life like distinguishing between personal and professional, yoga, exercising and time management.

Exfoliate your scalp properly: exfoliating helps in removing the dry skin from the scalp and keeps your head clean. One can opt for exfoliating hair creams to reduce the level of dandruff. 

Do not scratch your head: dandruff can be itchy and irritating but do not scratch your head with any of the objects or long nails it can worsen the situation. As scratching can cause injury and blood clotting which ultimately leads to infection.