Noida Authority: Will penalise those who burn garbage in open
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Noida Authority: Will penalise those who burn garbage in open

CitySpidey had reported on the issue of garbage burning in various sectors of Noida

Noida Authority: Will penalise those who burn garbage in open

Noida: CitySpidey had reported on the issue of garbage burning in various sectors of Noida. With already poor air quality, the burning of garbage is an additional factor of pollution in the city.

After the complaint made by the residents of 7x about the increase in garbage burning in Sector 77 and 79, Noida Authority official Avinash Tripathi inspected the spot this morning along with other officials of the health department.

Noida authority officials inspect concerned sites 

The officials gave strict instructions to the concerned contractor that if the garbage is burnt then first, a penalty will be imposed and if it is repeated, an  F.I.R would be lodged.  At the moment, all the garbage is being cleaned from the spot.

Amit Gupta, a resident of 7X had tweeted about this garbage burning issue in several sectors of Noida. Today morning, he sent the related videos to the officials of Noida Authority.  Taking cognizance of this complaint, Noida Authority visited the spot and took action. A few days ago, garbage was being burnt behind sector 77 mandi and in the green belt of Sector 63.

Avinash Tripathi, Officer on Special duty, Noida Authority, said, “We are taking strict action on all those who are burning the garbage as we have been given strict instructions from the higher officials to charge penalties on those who are violating pollution norms. I called health department officials also to visit the spot and we called upon the shopkeepers of that locality. We told them not to spread garbage or burn them. In the morning itself one more garbage burning issue was reported but we don’t know who it is. However, we gave a strict warning to all the people and shopkeepers that if this is repeated again then they all will be responsible. We have instructed our supervisor that in the morning from 7 to 10 he needs to do patrolling in these sectors.

He emphasized that for any incident of garbage burning, throwing of garbage or use of prohibited polythene, heavy penalties will be imposed. If repeated after 2-3 warnings, an FIR will be lodged against the culprit.”