Children's Day nostalgia: Hum bhi agar Bacche hote !
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Children's Day nostalgia: Hum bhi agar Bacche hote !

We bring you memories from school which will send you down the nostalgia lane

Children's Day nostalgia: Hum bhi agar Bacche hote !

Children's Day is not just a day when we celebrate children but is also a day when we adults go down memory lane and feel nostalgic about our childhoods. A majority of our childhood memories revolve around our schools. It is at school that we make our first friends, it is at school we learn our first lessons in sharing and caring for others, it is at school that we learn to stand up again after falling. So it is natural to remember those simpler times on children's day.

We bring you five memories from school which have been part of almost everyone's childhood and will send you down the nostalgia lane:-

1. Games/Sports class

Can we please get games period again

In India, sports is an important part of the school curriculum and was introduced for the all-around development of children. But let's be real, apart from the few jocks in the class, how many of us really played a sport and instead spent the sports period exploring corners of the school or huddling together with our friends and planning our next adventure?

2. Sharing lunch

Having lunch together brought us closer

Sharing food has been a part of Indian culture and ever since a child is enrolled in school, they are taught to share their lunch with their classmates and friends. In school, friendships have been made and broken over tiffins and sharing lunches. Friends often came to rescue when our tiffins were packed with a dish we did not particularly like and finished it up to save us.

3. Borrowing pens/pencils

Bonding over statationery

It started with pencils and then eventually transitioned to ball pens and gel pens. There isn't an adult who has not borrowed a pen or pencil from their friend at some point in school.

4. Punishment

Punishments were fun if our friends came with us 

Okay, so punishments are not fun and will never be, but always became bearable if our friend was standing by our side. It was through these shared moments that we made some of our long-lasting friendships in school.

5. School trips

School trips are the most memorable 

Even if it was a one-day trip, we all waited eagerly for school trips. More than the excitement to visit a new place, the prospect to spend an entire day with our friends without the hassle of studying in class was what kept us awake at night the day before the trip.

The innocence of the child is a treasure to hold. I hope this nostalgia takes you to your memory lane of childhood and gives you sweet nostalgia. This is life.

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