Panchsheel Greens 1: Resident protested against over electricity recharge
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Panchsheel Greens 1: Resident protested against over electricity recharge

They alleged that the builder stopped electricity recharge, causing them inconvenience

Panchsheel Greens 1: Resident protested against over electricity recharge

Residents shared that if no action is taken against the builder, they will file a case in the High Court on their rights. They shared that after the protest residents also went to the police station but there is no improvement and still they are not able to pay their electricity recharge.

Earlier they shared a tweet,

Residents shared that they are facing a lot of issues related to maintenance. Earlier, the lift of tower F4 was also not working. They shared that they paid the maintenance charges of 2 years in advance but the service has not been good. Now, most of the residents have stopped paying maintenance charges.

In a talk with CitySpidey, builder Anuj Chaudhry said, “How do residents expect that we will give services without maintenance charges? We do not have money to pay salaries to the staff members. All services will be provided after maintenance charges are paid.”

Another resident, Ravi, who lives in tower F4 said, “Electricity is provided by MPCL and the builder has no say in it. " He shared that the present tussle between the promoter and the residents is because the complaints of residents are not redressed in a time-bound manner. This has led to utter chaos and the non-availability of services for more than 3 years for which residents are demanding compensation.

He added, “Now if the builder is not able to run the society, why is he not handing it to the residents? Residents can run the society better than the builder. If he wants pending dues, he must make an agreement and hand over the society to the residents. We will pay for it.”

Another resident, Nitin from tower F4 said, “The builder behaves like a goon. Now, he has stopped the electricity recharge and all the residents are facing major inconveniences. If the builder has issues with the residents, why will he not hand over the society to the residents? The maintenance company of the builder is pathetic. Nobody wants maintenance service from that company. Condition of the society becomes pathetic with each passing day.”