Snack special: 4 chickpea snacks to enjoy in the evening
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Snack special: 4 chickpea snacks to enjoy in the evening

Here are 4 delicious chickpea snacks you can rustle up at home

Snack special: 4 chickpea snacks to enjoy in the evening

If you are looking to try something new to indulge in during evening tea time, there is no need to go for something exotic or expensive. With a little innovation and creativity thrown in the right measure, one can do wonders with the humble chickpea. Yes, chickpea has a lot of potential beyond a simple gravy dish.

Here are 4 delicious chickpea snacks you can rustle up at home in your evening snack time without much sweat. The good part is all these snacks score very high on the health count as well. They are sure to provide you with a break from the standard oily evening snacks.  Here we would like to add that the humble Chickpea is a great source of protein and loaded with various health benefits. It is said that their low-fat substance and fibrous nature help in weight reduction also.

Chickpea Cutlet

Credit: Archana's Kitchen

Cutlets are delightful and very satisfying. They make a delicious starter for a party or some other get-together. Thus, in case you are intending to arrange a party or need to make something delectable for snacks at home, simply proceed with a chickpea cutlet.

Take soaked chickpeas and add them to the grinder along with ginger, garlic, chilli, salt, and pepper, and make a smooth paste.
Remove the paste to a bowl, add chopped onions, half of the bread crumbs, maida, Italian seasoning and mix well.
Shape into a cutlet and pan fry with minimum oil.
Pair it up with your favourite chutney and savour it!

Chana chaat

Credit: Madhu's kitchen

Sometimes, all you need is something to munch along with your cup of tea in the evening. Isn't it? This chana chat is a healthy blend of chana, peas, potatoes, pomegranate and some spices. Many health-conscious people tend to skip snacks but you would not want to skip if they are made up of such high-protein chickpeas.

Take a large bowl, add chickpeas, dark brown peas.
Finely chop some tomatoes, onions, boiled potatoes and add them to a bowl.
Add some green chillies. Then add boiled peas to the mixture.
Add salt for taste, red chilli powder and chaat masala.
Add garlic cloves, pomegranates, sesame seeds, lemon juice, mint chutney and tamarind extract.
Mix the mixture well and serve chilled.

Chickpea Fritters

Credit: Taste of Home

If you have chickpeas stored at home, you can try this one out. It is in the form of pancakes made with gram flour layered with a scrumptious chickpea mixture. Break free from your regular style of preparing fritters and make chickpea fritters to treat yourself this time.

Add the chopped parsley, onion, green chilly, flour, besan, baking powder, baking soda, salt and cumin powder. Mix it all
In a mixer blend the tofu and milk. Add this blended mixture to the dry ingredients.
Add the cooked chickpeas to this
In a hot pan, heat little olive oil and ladle the batter onto it to create a round ball
Once bubbles start forming around the fritters, it's time to flip.
Make about 4 - 5 round balls
To serve make a stack and in between each layer add the vegetable mixture.


Credit: Rajbhog foods

This is a popular snack item from the land of Gujarat. This tea-time snack is prepared with chickpea flour and spices like turmeric and ajwain (carom seeds). Now when you are planning on preparing something for snacking, you can rustle up crispy, salty gathias and enjoy!

Mix besan(chickpea gram flour), salt, chilli powder, turmeric and ajwain.
Add water and mix into a stiff dough.
Place dough in the sev making machine, fixed with a thick sev plate.
Heat oil and press out the gathia in a circular motion.
Then turn over and fry till golden and crispy.

Next time, when you think of healthy snacks, do include these yummy chickpea snacks in your menu.