Jewellery Styling Tips to revamp your look!
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Jewellery Styling Tips to revamp your look!

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to style with jewellery

Jewellery Styling Tips to revamp your look!

Styling the correct jewellery for an occasion not only demands a thorough understanding of current trends, but also creative imagination. Grooming is an art form. And as the innate stylists may know, the correct jewellery can revamp your look.

The season of festivals and weddings is here which means fashion will bloom. To help you elevate your jewellery styling game, we've put up a comprehensive guide:

Earrings speak your personality
Your earrings reveal a lot about your personality, and they're constantly visible when you're wearing them. Pick earrings that are a good match for your skin tone, hair colour, face shape, and outfit. Your earrings, on the other hand, are normally in the range of vision for anyone talking to you, therefore they are quite significant.
If you have long hair, a good piece of advice is to choose a colour or metal finish that will stand out depending on your hair colour.

Accessories to complement your clothing
Doesn't this appear to be simple enough? Before you start dressing, think about the jewellery that you want to sport. You can choose to wear specific jewellery to the event, that can coordinate with your dress and other accessories. Alternatively, you might choose your dress first and then match your jewellery and accessories to it. If you've taken the effort to obtain the proper combo, you are deemed to look glamorous.

Leave the Necklace
Going without a necklace or pendant (eek!)? It is sometimes a smart option. Depending on your clothing, not wearing a necklace might be a nice way to go if you're wearing a strong set of earrings. Also, if you're wearing a particularly low-cut or high-necked garment, going without a necklace might be quite effective.

Wear Rings with grace
Wearing rings on your fingers (and, presumably, bells on your toes) means you'll have music wherever you go. Stacking rings, in particular, is the latest trend. You can mix and combine them to create a somewhat different look every day, giving your outfit a lot of diversity. On certain days, you might opt for a more minimalist style by wearing only one or two plain stacking rings. Consider wearing a set of matching rings or colours, patterns, and jewels.

If you're wearing numerous rings, the general opinion appears to be that each hand should have no more than one cocktail ring. Well, wearing an odd number of rings on one hand and an even number of rings on the other is also a good idea. However, why not deviate from the rules as you see fit? You can go with your style.

Create layers with rings, necklaces and bangles
Why not begin with something lighthearted? Experiment with different lengths, forms, textures, and colours when layering rings, necklaces, bangles, and even earrings to create attractive layers.

If you're stacking necklaces, choose lengths that pull the attention up to your face. Rings may be combined, matched, and stacked in a variety of ways; for inspiration, go through our stacking rings and cocktail rings. If you have several ear piercings or want to blend ear cuffs with other earrings, consider experimenting with different earring styles. Layering and stacking are simple: simply acquire a variety of necklaces and pendants of various lengths, textures, and styles and experiment with different combinations to discover what works.

Know when to stop
You just know when something is just too much. If you're using layered necklaces or a statement necklace to bring attention to your face and neckline, you may not need an armful of bangles jostling for attention. Alternatively, if you're wearing a bold necklace, earrings may be understated or even absent and the look will work beautifully.

Don’t be a slave to trends
We've all known someone who is a fashion slave to an unhealthy degree. Trends have an impact on what we wear to some extent, which is OK. However, slavishly following fashion trends at the expense of your taste and individuality is never a smart idea. You'll become disoriented. Oh, and it's also rather costly! Instead, work on developing and refining your own personal style that suits you and makes you feel confident.

That may or may not be popular right now or in the future, but if you own it, you rock it. Always consider what compliments your skin tone, frame, and overall sense of style when selecting jewellery to wear.

Clean your jewellery
Yes! Cleaning your jewellery will significantly improve the appearance of your jewellery and your overall appearance. If you look closely at the jewellery you wear frequently or that has been sitting unused for a while, you'll find that it's dirty, dull, and far from its gleaming finest. You shouldn't forget to clean your clothing, and similarly, you shouldn't forget to clean your jewellery.