Kabad the Kamal: DIY tricks to create art from waste
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Kabad the Kamal: DIY tricks to create art from waste

Consider what you're throwing away before you toss it.

Kabad the Kamal: DIY tricks to create art from waste

“Kabad ka Kamal” or in other words “Best Out Of Waste” is one form of art that produces useful and beautiful items from waste materials thus also contributing to conserving the environment.

For a second, consider what you're throwing away before you toss it as it may take the form of something beautiful. Upcycling is defined as the process of transforming waste products and waste materials into new parts or goods of higher quality or greater ecological significance. Furthermore, it is not only for people who enjoy arts and crafts, but for everyone, as all of these ideas are worth trying.

DIY jewellery organiser wall-hanging

You do not have to worry about detangling your earrings and necklaces together, now we have the best thing that you can create yourself that will even be a beautiful wall decoration as well as a jewellery storage section. All you need is an old frame laying around the corner.

Things required:

- Old frame
- Paint
- Lace
- Quick Glue

Procedure :

- Measure the lace with the frame
- Stick the lace with the glue from both the ends
- You can also add a variety of laces to give it a refreshing look
- Hook up your earrings on the small loops of the lace or hang your chains across the lace. This is the most convenient method to arrange your jewellery while also giving your wall a fresh look.

DIY mobile charger basket

Make a phone holder out of those old lotions or shampoo bottles instead of throwing them away.

Things Required:

- Old shampoo or lotion bottle
- Scissors/ Paper Cutter
- Paints


- Outline the structure on the bottle
- Cut the bottle carefully with the help of scissors/paper cutter
- Paint it accordingly and you are ready with the bottle

This handy holder made from a recycled bottle, allows you to charge your phone at any outlet without leaving a path of cable on the floor.

DIY snack bowls

For a party, turn old plastic bottles into durable snacks or treat trays.

Things Required:

- Old plastic bottle
- Flat iron or a hot knife


- Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle
- Use a hot iron or hot knife to flatten and smooth out the cuts, and voila!
- You can get fancier by adding extra decoration to your bowls.

You'll find a lovely bowl ready for you. They may also be used as desk organisers on your tables from office to home. Make these in a variety of sizes and colours using your creativity.

DIY ice-cream stick pen stand

Who doesn't love ice cream? So let's collect all our ice creams after having a slurping popsicle and make a quirky pen stand to organise the pens laying around the table.

Things required:

- Ice-cream stick
- Paint
- Cardboard
- Glue


- Wash all the ice-cream sticks and paint them to your liking
- Cut a small piece of cardboard
- Start putting ice cream sticks with fevicol on the four sides and you are done!

It is not just good to organise your table but also add an aesthetic touch to your desk.