International Men’s Day: 7 things men are tired of hearing
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International Men’s Day: 7 things men are tired of hearing

There are certain things we keep telling our men which need to change

International Men’s Day: 7 things men are tired of hearing

The constitution promises equality to every Indian citizen irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender or religion. Yet, there is discrimination on the ground. Gender expectations enter early in our life. From toys to colours, gender rules us. Often, gender roles and expectations loom large over our personal choice. Under the strict gaze of a patriarchal society, women often hear things like “Cultured women do not roam at night.” while men hear “Boys Don't cry”

After some analysis, one would realize that patriarchy does not affect women alone but men too. This International Men’s Day, we bring to you 7 Things men are tired of hearing-

1 You have to provide for your family Gender studies reveal that men are expected to be the breadwinners of the family while women are expected to be caretakers. This pressure that is lopsidedly placed on men often results in anxiety and stress. According to a 2020 report by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the male suicide ratio was much higher than the female ratio. In the larger picture, this is another reason we need equality.

2 Men Don’t cry Men often hear this phrase. Crying or expressing is considered a feminine trait. Expressing is mandatory for healthy mental health. It is time that we tell our men that it is okay to cry.

Men can cry

3 Men cannot be scared At the sight of danger, men are supposed to be ahead. It is considered unmanly if they are scared. It is human to be afraid sometimes, and this expectation is truly baseless.

Men can be afraid

4 Men can’t wear bright colours Usually, men are judged if they wear bright colours. Floral patterns, embroideries, and pink are considered feminine. Slowly and steadily, these moulds are being broken by today’s youth as they sport bright colours and shades in confidence.

5 Men do not dress up When it comes to grooming and dressing up, there is a whole industry for women. Yet, there is an inherent unsaid rule in society that taking care of oneself is only for women. We must get over these cliches.

Men can wear Pink and look awesome

6 Men do not belong in the kitchen Certain professions are considered effeminate by society. Whereas engineering and navy are considered “manly”, culinary arts or a career in performing arts is considered unsuitable for men. Yet, who is the society to decide our dreams? Everyone, including men, should be free to choose their career.

Men cook and its wonderful

7 Men have to be protectors Under the expectations of patriarchy, men are the sole protectors. This as a culture gives rise to an unhealthy imbalance. One may wonder if it is the men who always have to protect, who is going to protect them?

This International Men’s Day, let us rise above these old, conservative ideas that limit our growth. We must try to understand people and allow them to live in a free, and gender-neutral world.