Increase in Dengue cases in Ghaziabad
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Increase in Dengue cases in Ghaziabad

Dengue is spreading rapidly in the Muradnagar block of the district

Increase in Dengue cases in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad: There is no reduction in the spree of Dengue cases in the city. Dengue is spreading rapidly in the Muradnagar block of the district. The maximum number of patients are being reported in 13 villages of the district. These include Atrauli, Didauli, Manauli, Abupur, Duhai, Makraida, Nangla Attor, Saunda, Kumhaida, Dabana, Jalalabad, Manouta and Milk.

Mala Devi, a resident of Mussoorie, said “ The whole society is living under the fear of Dengue. We are not sending our kids to the park to play. We are using things like mosquito nets and mosquito repellent creams but the fear is persistent.”

Out of 213 patients found in November, 193 patients from these villages of the Muradnagar area. Seven new patients including two children were reported on 18th November. These include four patients from Chhajjupur, Rawali Kala, Brijvihar and Purkursi villages of Muradnagar. There is one patient each from Vivekanandanagar, Chaupala temple and Kailashnagar.

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Commonly reported symptoms of Dengue are fever, intense headache, body aches, joint pains, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, skin rashes and mucosal bleeding. There is a huge number of patients coming to the district government hospitals.

Saurabh, a resident of Indirapuram said, “ My father’s age is 60. He is suffering from Dengue. I had to take him to Delhi for treatment. Whoever can afford it, prefers to go to Delhi for treatment as people do not believe in the medical system here."

Dr Shwetabh, HJD Hospital said, “Private hospitals are not allowed to do Dengue tests, while the government hospitals are also doing only 50 tests each day. This is making it hard to predict the exact number of cases. The condition is worse in villages. People are not taking proper medical treatments.”