Ghaziabad: Ghats cleaned in run up to Chhath Puja
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Ghaziabad: Ghats cleaned in run up to Chhath Puja

It is noteworthy that a few ghaats yet to be cleaned

Ghaziabad: Ghats cleaned in run up to Chhath Puja

Chhath Parv started with ‘Nahay khay’ on Monday’s morning. Huge number of people from Purvanchal and Bihar live in Modi Nagar and Murad Nagar region of Ghaziabad Municipality. On Monday morning, Municipality workers were cleaning the ghaat and putting up lights and decorations.

On Hindon river Ghat, one of the workers said that, "We are working under the contractor. We are told to clean hyacinth from the river. We are also cleaning the ghaat so that people can sit here comfortably."

It is noteworthy that Govindpuri Chhath ghaat, Modi Yadgar, MuradNagar Gangnahar are few ghaats yet to be cleaned. Shivraj Singh, Executive Officer, ModiNagar Municipality said, “The ghats will be cleaned soon. Under no circumstances the devotees will face problems.”

Subhangi Shukla, SDM said, "On the occasion of Chhath festival, the officials of the municipality have been instructed to take things seriously. Negligence will not be tolerated under any circumstances.”

The people of Naveen Kunj Colony told that the municipality workers cleaned the ghaat a day earlier and left the dirt to dry on the side of the ghaat. When the ghaat is not taken care of by the authorities, people themselves are engaged in the work of repair and cleaning for the beautification of the ghaat.