When a tap on the phone gets you a bus seat in Noida
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When a tap on the phone gets you a bus seat in Noida

Now you can book bus seats just the way you book a cab! India’s largest bus-aggregating platform, Shuttl, announced its services on six routes in the city.

When a tap on the phone gets you a bus seat in Noida

Shuttl, a popular bus-aggregating platform in India, today announced its bus service for Noida commuters. The app aims to make the daily commute more convenient for urban inter-city travellers using the latest technology. The initiative is in sync with Narendra Modi's Smart City mission.

Shuttl had already been offering its services on six routes in the Noida and Ghaziabad region on a trial basis, helping about 1,000 residents every day. At present, 50 buses are plying in the city, but the number will go up in future. The six routes are: Noida to Vaishali, Noida to Gurgaon, Noida to Nehru Place, Noida to Crossings Republik, Noida to Delhi Airport and City Centre to Noida Sector 126.

Commuters can now avail of Shuttl's services across Delhi-NCR for just Rs 49, irrespective of the distance or the route they choose to travel. Initially, a commuter will need to buy a Shuttl pass, which will allow him the first two rides for Rs 49. Subsequently, the validity of the pass can be extended by paying Rs 980 for 20 rides over a period of 40 days.    

Noida residents can also book bus seats through the Shuttl app. A detailed timetable of the routes is available on the app. These air-conditioned buses, with 28-35 seats, are equipped with Wi-Fi and expected to be available every 10 minutes on the above-mentioned routes.

Shuttl has also recently launched Near Audio Communication Protocol (NAP), a sound-based boarding technology, for commuters. It uses sound to transfer boarding details locally between two systems — the driver’s and the passenger’s. The boarding details are sent to the driver’s smartphone through sound signals, which can be enabled by pressing a button on the app.

Amit Singh, co-founder of Shuttl, said, “We believe in solving problems related to the daily commute using state-of-the-art technologies, allowing mobility that is reliable and environment-friendly. We plan to introduce new routes in Noida to help people commute long distances at an affordable rate.”

Shuttl launched its tech-enabled platform in April last year, and the company is based out of Gurgaon. Currently, more than 400 buses ply in Delhi-NCR on more than 100 routes.


Amit Singh, co-founder of Shuttl, at the press conference announcing the launch of the bus service in Noida