Suryodaya Apts, Dwarka: Of bad roads and broken poles
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Suryodaya Apts, Dwarka: Of bad roads and broken poles

In this complex in Pocket 8, Sector 12, don’t be surprised if you see electric poles lying broken on the ground. Don’t be bothered by damaged roads either!

Suryodaya Apts, Dwarka: Of bad roads and broken poles Damaged internal roads at Suryodaya Apartments

The internal roads and streetlight poles of Suryodaya Apartments in Pocket 8, Dwarka Sector 12, are in terrible shape. According to the RWA, the surface of the road is badly worn down and the electric poles are rusty at the base. Some have already fallen to the ground.

RWA president SP Singh said, “The internal roads need repairing. The damage begins right at the entrance. We are waiting for a response from the authorities.”

Many streetlight poles inside the society are damaged as well, due to rusting at the base. For many of them, the fittings are not working and the wires are damaged.

RWA joint secretary RS Rahi said, “Some poles have already fallen down and others are about to break. Rust has eaten away at the base. We have already informed the area councillor and the area MLA about the situation, and asked them to replace the old poles and the damaged wires.”

When City Spidey contacted area councillor Shashi Tomar, he said, “The internal roads will be repaired as soon as the rainy season ends. The fittings of the streetlights will also be changed around the same time.”


A rusty electric pole lies broken inside Suryodaya Apartments