Ghaziabad: Traffic in the city causing an increase in pollution
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Ghaziabad: Traffic in the city causing an increase in pollution

Air pollution is increasing due to the movement of more vehicles

Ghaziabad: Traffic in the city causing an increase in pollution

Ghaziabad: The rising level of pollution is becoming increasingly hazardous for the people of Ghaziabad. Violation of traffic rules, traffic jams and poor public transport are some of the major reasons for the increase in pollution.

The district has several transport resources like railway, metro train, and bus, but these are not enough. There is no proper city bus service. This is the reason why most people buy their vehicles. The population of the district has exceeded 40 lakhs and there are only 46 and a half thousand vehicles in the name of public road transport. At the same time, the number of private vehicles is more than eight lakh, which includes two-wheelers and four-wheelers. This heavy use of private vehicles is one of the main contributing factors to the prevailing polluted air.

The manhole cover has been broken on the middle road in front of Kamal Hospital in Kaushambi which makes the spot accident-prone. The police have put up a barrier in the middle of the road above the manhole to protect the vehicles from accidents. This is creating a traffic jam. No effort was made to remove the encroachment on both sides of the road near the old bus stand and NCRTC has started work by taking possession of the site for rapid rail construction. This has left less space for vehicles on the road. This is the reason why there has been a severe jam on the highway for the last week.

Abhishek Kumar, a senior citizen of Navyug Market area says, “The traffic in this area of the city is unbearable. People do not follow the traffic rules most of the time. Auto rickshaws are the reason behind most of the problems on the road. Authorities must work to improve public transportation.”

Shruti, a regular car user says, "The condition of buses in this city is very bad. I do not want to travel with my children on these buses. If the authorities want us to travel through public transport then they must provide us with good facilities.”