The art of selecting curtains for your home
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The art of selecting curtains for your home

It's time to update your curtains if they're filthy, ill-fitting, or just plain dull.

The art of selecting curtains for your home

When it comes to tying a room together, though, we frequently ignore how window dressing is so much more than, well, window decorating. And curtains are an essential part of window dressing. It's time to update your curtains if they're filthy, ill-fitting, or just plain dull. You'll be amazed to see that curtains come in multiple varieties, vast designs and eye-catching colours.

The importance of curtains in any room cannot be overstated. Curtains generate a sense of flow, direct furniture placement, and allow for moderating natural light in your room. Curtains have always been an important artifact revealing something about not only the individuals who live in a particular room but also about the art and culture of the time.

Here are the curtains trends 2021 for your home-


Pattern curtains

A patterned curtain, especially if it's neutral, can brighten up the mood of the space. We have more than 1000 types of pattern curtains, from flowers to lines, they are too much. Every pattern is unique and adorable. You can also opt for pattern curtains for a more artistic look.

Earthy tones

Earthy Tones

Sand or brown-coloured drapes can make your rooms feel more connected to the earth's soul. European interiors are the most soothing colour palette for the eye. It will lighten up your space and leave it with anillusion of a larger space.

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Panel curtains

These classic curtains are sewn together on each side and then pulled together to provide a symmetrical look for your window. Even though panel curtains date back many years, they will never go out of fashion. They are classic window coverings that can adjust to modern design and style.

A single piece

Single piece curtains

You'll need a vivid colour curtain for this, so it looks like a single statement piece. It is a single solid curtain for the people who don't like experimenting much with their taste.

Tier in the kitchen

Tier in the Kitchen

These curtains are typically used in the kitchen to provide privacy while still allowing light in. This will beautify your kitchen and let you cook in light and peace.

Scarf for the windows

Scarf curtains

You can be pretty creative with this since you may drape any lovely scarf over the windowpane for a soft, informal effect.


Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains have emerged as a modern technique for decorating your home. Sheer curtains are highly fashionable and sophisticated. Sheer curtains look elegant, but they also offer a light, breezy feel and are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen windows. They are not very costly, come in various colours and styles, and have good home decor options.


Lace curtains

Over single-colour curtains, these curtains seem delicate and lovely. The lace curtains tend to enhance the beauty of your room making the space more elegant and classy.


Blackout curtains

If seclusion is essential to you, these curtains are the ideal option.These are available in various colours and can successfully block out alot of light.