Creative activities to reduce screen time of your children
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Creative activities to reduce screen time of your children

Pandemic has led all of us to keep our feet inside our home

Creative activities to reduce screen time of your children

2 years and still counting, Pandemic has forced us to remain largely indoors. The situation is especially worrisome for young children and toddlers who are yet to explore the offerings of nature. Parents are reluctant to send their kids out fearing the virus. In this scenario it is a challenge for parents to find activities that do not involve screen time for the kids. 

Today the reality of staying indoors for kids is that invariably their exposure to screens has increased. Be it study time or entertainment, they are spending most of their time infront of their screens which is not only resulting in a monotonous and sedentary lifestyle. This turn is manifesting into various physical and mental issues, such as lack of focus, irritability, depression, weak eyesight, obesity, and a lot more.

Now, it has become a challenge for parents to find activities that do not involve the screen. The attempt should be to indulge the kids in different creative activities daily to reduce their screen time and support their development.

Here are some of the basic creative activities you can induce in your child's daily schedule-

Let them experience household work

Whether your child is a toddler or a school going kid, let them indulge in household chores keeping their safety in mind. Let your kid have their full right in the kitchen. Ask them to help you during cooking. For example, you can make them cut boiled veggies with kid kitchen tools that will develop a child's cognitive skills.

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You can also make them learn and recite the names of different spices, their colour and their taste. This will enhance their speech and memory developing power.

Storytelling sessions

Kids love to listen to stories. The concept of storytelling has been relevant in all centuries in the world. Bedtime stories are something you can try new like visual and audio updates to make the session more interesting. Use placards to show what your stories are directed towards, adding expressions would be even more beneficial. Storytelling helps in developing visual processing and memory.

Clay modelling

Clay modelling is one of the most creative activities. Encourage your child to play with their imagination and appreciate the outcomes. This will help them build confidence. You can also let them make different body organs and features to improve their mental skills.

Cut and paste

Cut and paste activities develop motor skills in children. Make them learn to cut different shapes and colour them with their favourite shades. Nowadays, you can find activity books that offer space for cut and paste activities.

Create a scrapbook

You can start doing this even before they grow enough to read and write by having their best moments clicked and pasted in it. You can also add their handprints to it. This is a fun and memorable activity for both parents and kids.

"Those who do not think outside the box are easily contained." Create the best future for your kids by supporting, understanding, and inventing new creative activities for them.