Ho, ho, ho! Christmas movies for you
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Ho, ho, ho! Christmas movies for you

Whether it be romance or family drama, we got something for everyone

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas movies for you

Are you ready for your Christmas movie marathon? Watching some jolly, goofy, funny Christmas movies has become a tradition worldwide in the festive season. We all come together to spend a good time with our family, friends, and loved ones.

Therefore, it’s only fair to choose the best movies revolving around the holiday theme to enjoy your time wholly. Wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop solution to find such movies in one place?

Here comes Netflix to our rescue. The platform holds a collection of some great Christmas movies for you. To save you from the trouble of finding the good ones, I created this list of Christmas movies on Netflix. Whether it be romance or family drama, We got something for everyone. So, if you are ready with your sleigh, let’s begin.

This list will be updated to reflect all Christmas movies that are coming on Hallmark Channel you can also watch on Netflix right now.

A California Christmas: City Lights

Netflix’s Christmas lineup more than any other it seems are more likely to get sequels and that applies to A California Christmas which is back this year for another entry.

The movie picks up a year on from the original story with Callie and Joseph having to leave their ranch for the family business in San Francisco all while planning their upcoming wedding.

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

From Aardman Animation (the creators of Robin Robin also release in 2021), we see Shaun the Sheep setting out for a wild holiday adventure.

We should note that Netflix UK didn’t receive the movie but is scheduled to in the future following airing on the BBC. Other region availability may vary.

Love Hard

This recent movie starring Nina Dobrev can be a perfect rom-com for Christmas. At its centre, it explores the complications of love in the world of online dating. Yet, with subplots of family, winters and Christmas, it can surely be heartwarming. You can watch Love Hard on Netflix. 

A Christmas Chronicle

This movie explores the adventure of two siblings, Kate and Teddy Pierce, who try to capture Santa on camera. However, they accidentally become a part of something bigger and end up saving the holidays. It is one of the holiday movies on Netflix with great acting, script, and cinematic quality. A mixture of classic Christmas movies with modern storytelling has made this movie one of a kind.

Let it Snow

This movie is about a group of young people brought together due to a snowstorm on Christmas eve. It follows a predictable plot consisting of a few individuals and friends busy sorting out their problems. It’s a teen version of a tried and tested movie plot where everything falls in place at the end. Apart from making you tear up in a few scenes, this is one of the best Netflix Christmas movies full of love and positivity.

The Very Murray Christmas

More of a vibe than a movie, A Very Murray Christmas is Bill Murray’s take on the classic Christmas special, directed by filmmaker Sofia Coppola and featuring an eclectic lineup of celebrity guest stars. Murray plays himself, snowed in at a New York City hotel where he’s supposed to be broadcasting a Christmas special. With the broadcast eventually cancelled, he schmoozes with hotel guests, sings some songs, and gets drunk.

Robin Robin

It is a stop-motion short musical film with the theme of discovering oneself. The story starts with a bird egg coming down rolling in a rubbish dump. Then, a family of mice decide to raise a bird named Robin. Her differences with the mice become apparent as she grows up. To prove to her family that she can be a great mouse, she discovers being a bird is far better. This movie is all about self-discovery and encourages kids to embrace their uniqueness. It’s great to watch with the family on Netflix this Christmas season.

A Christmas Carol

This thoroughly fantastical and enjoyable film is a must watch on Christmas. The movie revolves around the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a spiteful and miserly man who encounters three spirits on Christmas Eve, who show him the folly of his ways and prompt him to become a better man. You can watch this film on Disney plus Hotstar. 

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