Your guide to pre and post-workout skincare
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Your guide to pre and post-workout skincare

Here we bring you important steps to follow before and after your workout sessions

Your guide to pre and post-workout skincare

Yes, it is true that post-workout, the skin glows different. However, from all the hustling and sweating, the skin can sometimes suffer. Thus, as much as you take care of your body by working out, it is important to take care of your skin as well.

When we work out, the body naturally warms up and start sweating. Sweating causes the pores on your skin to open and if you are in a dirty surrounding, you may be inviting a lot of skin problems. Here we bring you important steps to follow before and after your workout sessions to keep your skin healthy.

Pre-workout cleaning: Wash your skin properly before exercising. If there is any dirt or germs on your skin, it can affect your skin  =resulting in acne, irritation and redness. If you are wearing any makeup, remove it and prefer proper cleansing with soap and water after using makeup removers.

Moisturise: This step can feel unnecessary but it is equally important as others. During exercise, we sweat a lot to keep ourselves cool. This can cause a scarcity of nourishment on the skin and feels dehydrated. Hence, it is important to moisturise skin properly before working out.

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Tie your hair: Never work out with open hair or ponytail if they are longer than your neck length. This can cause hair tangles and  hair fall. Also, do not wear any hair products before exercising it can mix in with sweat and cause irritation to your scalp.

Wipe off your sweat: Use clean and personal towels to clean your sweat while working out instead of using your shirt which can lead to rashes and irritation. Remember not to share your towel with anyone else or keep it here and there, this way it can transfer dirt and bacteria to your skin.

Post-workout cleaning: Pat all the sweat with a clean towel and remove all the dirt and oil from your skin. Use a gentle cleanser and moisturise skin after it.

Prefer cold water: Using cold water will help to close all the open pores and become a barrier between your skin and bacteria.

Take a shower: Take half an hour break after the workout session and take a quick bath to remove all the sweat and dirt. This way you will also avoid all the infectious diseases.

Lastly, change into clean clothes, relax and eat a balanced diet. Do not forget to drink enough water to keep your skin shining and glowy. After the workout your skin may appear red that is normal as it is a result of a vigorous workout.