The iconic advertisements of 2021
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The iconic advertisements of 2021

Here are the top most-watched and iconic Indian ads

The iconic advertisements of 2021

Advertisements are like a commentary on the changing times we live in really well. The year 2021 was special in many regards and the ads that came out reflected that quite well. Here is a collection of some of the best video marketing campaigns from Indian brands that went viral on social media. These advertisements have set an extraordinary example in society with millions of viewers.

Cadbury | Not just a Cadbury ad

The pandemic had a crippling effect on the Indian economy. While the big brands got back on track with their large marketing budgets, the neighbourhood stores did not have the same resources.

The 2.18-minute hyper-local personalised campaign features Shah Rukh Khan, promoting a local cloth merchant, shoe shop, electronic store, and the nearby Kirana shop. The ad showcased 7000+ stores across 34mn consumers in two weeks.

The ad evokes generosity among consumers to support the local shopkeepers to help revive their businesses. The ad went viral across social media platforms and got more than 1.37 million views on youtube alone.

Amul Macho | Female gaze is OK

Early this year, the men's underwear brand launched an ad campaign for Macho Sporto. According to the brand, the advertisement is 'a commitment to legitimising the female gaze.'

It stars Rashmika Mandanna and Vicky Kaushal. The former portrays a fitness instructor who can't stop staring at her student Kaushal, who happens to be wearing Macho Sporto in class. He notices her playful efforts and always accompanies her requests.

This ad has crossed 18 million views in two months on Instagram.

Swiggy Instamart adds a twist to the iconic Liril ad

Swiggy Instamart launched a new campaign in addition to its ongoing series of 90's ads, this time with a twist for its 15-30 minute delivery.

The campaign features a girl splishing and splashing under a waterfall in the middle of a forest, eerily similar to the iconic Liril ad from the 1990s. The twist here is that the soap falls into the stream when she starts taking a bath. Swiggy's delivery boy saves the day by delivering all necessary groceries right away.

Domino's Pizza's campaign urges consumers to get vaccinated

Domino's Pizza, India's largest pizza chain, has launched a nationwide campaign called #HaathBadhaoIndia #VaccineLagaoIndia, encouraging everyone to get vaccinated for a better, brighter tomorrow.

Domino's has always been associated with spending quality time with friends and family. The campaign's premise is to bring people together by encouraging them to get vaccinated early so that they can relive the joy of being close to their friends and family and relive their fun moments.

So far, 1.3 million customers have dedicated themselves to the vaccination movement by clicking on the App.

Facebook | Pooja Didi

The film by Taproot Dentsu highlighted how we could reach out to the many unorganised sector workers who had lost their livelihoods while celebrating a large-hearted young woman employer under challenging times.

"The ad was a great call to action without being preachy," says Lloyd Mathias, a Business Strategist and Marketing Expert. He was previously the Marketing Head of HP Asia, Motorola India, and PepsiCo. On YouTube, the campaign has received 28 million views.