This winter, sock it up well
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This winter, sock it up well

There are various sock lengths from toe socks to leg warmers

This winter, sock it up well

One of the most comforting pieces of clothing is Winter socks. Cosy woollen socks come as a saviour in winters as our feet get dry and cold. They are fuzzy, warm and comforting, making for a perfect accessory and even a gift.

Socks come in various lengths and materials. Each is suited for different occasions depending on its style and length. For eg- Knee-high socks and no-show socks are ideal for formal or informal occasions.

Here are a few types of socks-

Thigh High Socks / Over The Knee Socks

Thick high socks are famous from 17th century Scotland. Thigh-high socks are worn above the knee and are an ideal choice to be paired with skirts. Printed socks are a great option if you want to add a fun element to your outfit.

Knee High Socks

During the winter, ladies wear knee-length socks under their running shoes or boots. They act as a pad and add a layer of warmth to the feet.
These are commonly used as part of the uniform in the aviation and hospitality industries. It is a type of sock that is ideal for sports.

Crew socks

Crew socks are excellent for outdoor physical activities and winters for running or hiking. These are six feet to eight centimetres long and may go up to the calf muscles. They give perfect protection as well as coverage. It is suitable for informal and running shoes during winter activities.

Mid Calf Socks

Mid-calf socks cover your calf muscles but not entirely. Usually, wear office wear and formal shoes. These are typically woollen materials designed to keep your feet warm in the winter, these socks are available in fabrics such as net and sheer for women.

Ankle Socks

If you're wondering what to wear with your low-cut shoes, such as loafers or casual shoes, these socks are ideal for protecting your feet. This ankle-length sock covers your feet up to your ankles. If you're going to a casual event, these are the socks you must choose.

Ped / Low Cut Socks

These are short socks that work slightly above the top rim of a shoe, with a ribbed edge – these are mostly worn with sports shoes.

Quarter Socks / Anklets

This type of sock is thin and provides a shielding layer, making it ideal for wearing with loafers or ballerina shoes. To keep your feet from stinking, wear socks like no show socks, which hide the socks while protecting your feet from shoe bites or blisters. These socks are suitable for both men and women.

Toe Cover / Mute

These socks only cover your toes and the mid arch of your foot. They are intended to be worn inside footwear such as moccasins, mules, and slide shoes. Half socks aren't meant to be worn with every shoe, but they're a must-have for anyone who enjoys sneakers but dislikes sock bunching. These are also known as "toe topper socks" or simply "toe socks."