Best thriller K-Dramas to binge
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Best thriller K-Dramas to binge

After Squid Game and Parasite, all of you must have realised the potential of Korean thrillers.

Best thriller K-Dramas to binge

After Squid Game and Parasite, all of you must have realised the potential of Korean thrillers.

It's time to spice things up after binge-watching endless hours of romcom or melodramas. How about something a little more eerie, solemn, and spine-chilling. South Korea produces thriller series that will keep you on the edge of your seat in addition to the famous romantic K-dramas and melodramas. These thriller series have a nuance that you won't find on American television.

Save Me

Save Me should be on everyone's must-see list because of its spine-chilling thriller plot. The show is chilling and plays on a familiar storyline, fear. After their business fails, a family relocates to a suburban town. They soon encounter members of a religious cult masquerading as a church. The false image they present soon hypnotises the parents.


This show is for fans who enjoy a little bit of the supernatural mixed in with mystery and thrill. Ghosts and the other world can sometimes make for a more exciting storyline and series. Two unlikely people meet and collaborate to solve crimes. Kang Pil-Sung (Song Sae-Byeok) is an excellent detective, but he has a penchant for foul language and laziness.


This legal drama will enthral viewers with its thrilling journey to prove a man's innocence. Defendant tells the story of Park Jung-Woo (Ji Sung), a top prosecutor and the head of the violent crime investigation division. He is known for never losing a case.

He wakes up in prison, convicted and sentenced to death. The problem is that he has amnesia and has no idea how he got there. It's a race against the clock to establish Jung's innocence  and uncover the truth.


Vagabond has a romantic storyline, but the intense thriller action balances it. This story about loss and conspiracy will send audiences on a corruption and conspiracy hunt. While caring for his nephew, Cha Dal-Geon (Lee Seung-Gi) fantasised about becoming a successful actor. His life is turned upside down when the plane carrying his nephew crashes.

You're All Surrounded

In Gangnam, South Korea, four rookie detectives work together in a police station. On their first day of work, the recruits realise that they did not intend to join the crime squad. Kim Ji-yong, one of the detectives, attempts to uncover the truth behind his mother's murder, which occurred 11 years ago, by investigating their team leader, whom he believes has a connection to the incident.


Moo Jin-hyuk, a well-known detective, is consumed with guilt after his wife was murdered while he was at work. He then enlists the assistance of Kang Kwon-joo, a professional voice profiler with a dark past of her own. The two detectives work together to solve their cases and track down the killer responsible for their loved ones' deaths.

Tell Me What You Saw

Tell Me What You Saw is classified solely as a thriller and suspense series. That is precisely what viewers can expect from this tense and dark series. Oh, Hyun-Jae (Jang Hyuk) was once a criminal profiler who solved complex cold cases. His world is shattered when his fiancée is killed in an explosion set off by a serial killer.