Jattinn Kochhar- an artist who is breaking the mould
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Jattinn Kochhar- an artist who is breaking the mould

Jattinn Kochhar has not limited his creative skills to just designing clothes

Jattinn Kochhar- an artist who is breaking the mould

A professional designer and father of 3, Jattinn Kochhar, is a true artist. With many skills bestowed on him, has not limited his craft to just designing clothes. He is one of the versatile personalities in the fashion industry who uses his creativity to the utmost extent.

Jattinn, a resident of West Delhi, is involved in many activities apart from designing marvellous fashion. He is a renowned artist whose painting has meanings that will persuade you to think.

Jattinn recently displayed his paintings at an exhibition in Gurugram. Each of his works is tremendous and hold deep meaning and depth. They say you can understand an artist through his art. As we talked, Jattinn explained to us the stories behind his artworks-

Life mapping

This artwork has a concept of a weather report, just like how a hurricane is shown in the reports. He describes the 3 hurricanes as his family. The bigger one is Jattinn, the other one his wife, and the smallest one is his son when he was born. The merging of the hurricanes can be seen in the picture, and that's how it became one. The tiny dots here are Swarovski crystals are the happy highlight of his life, the little moments that can be anything like eating your favourite food or watching a movie together. He has mapped his life in the painting.

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My Amazon

My Amazon is the latest work recently when everything was sad and gloomy during the lockdown. This painting reflects the amazon jungle during sunset, where there are animals of all different colours and shapes you can think of. You can see water, sunlight and all the diverse colours that the amazon jungle can think of. As it is a sunset, you can also see different shades reflecting in the water.

Through this painting, he says, "we are so used to living in big cities there is no colour in our life because we are so occupied in our everyday life we have forgotten to see the colours, and this is my perception I choose to see colours even in the worst times".

Mani maha naga

This huge piece of art is one of his favourite paintings. Mani maha naga is inspired by his fascination with snakes. Most people are scared of snakes, but he sees them as gorgeous because their ability to shed the old inspires him. "You have to leave the old for the need to be new. Like snakes don't bite unless you irritate them", says Jattinn. In ways, Jattinn believes that he is like a snake as he is a person who never interferes in other people lives and likes his own space.

Mani maha naga is mani, the red Rubi and the colours of the painting are inspired by it. The stone mani is protected by the king cobra, and if you look closely, you can see the heads of the king cobra in the painting.

Jattinn added that many people have different conceptions of this painting. Many failed to recognise the snakes in the painting, which shows the current state of your mind and who you are by your perfection.

Homme Stringed

Homme here is a French word meaning man. And this painting is all about the stereotypical human-made believes the has for man. The masculine body, men are not supposed to cry, angry young men and many other baseless statements.

"Here in the painting, the thread is very delicate and can only be broken by them if they want. Because every individual is different, we can never compare two things because comparison can be made between similar things", says Jattinn.

Having no degree in fashion designing never prevented Jattinn from making a career out of it. He started designing from the age of 18 and by the age of 20, he opened his own studio. You'll be surprised to know that in January 2022, he'll be completing the 31st year of being a fashion designer in the industry.

Jattinn Kochhar was the first designer selected by the Australian fashion framework to showcase his collection, along with the Australian team, on the Out of the Australia World Tour 1993. With time, he started opening his own stores. Presently, he has three stores in Delhi and one in Mumbai, Goa and Nagpur.

As a successful designer, Jattinn has won many awards. Recently he was awarded Beyu lifetime achievement award for completing 20 yrs in fashion in April '11, Hopp Style award'13, 26th Oct '13, Lycra Design Partner award in 2005-2008. Moreover, he has also won the Frequent blood donor Appreciation award by The Indian Red Cross Society in 2010.

Jattinn in his 50s is absolutely fit and fine. He believes one should always be self-sufficient and not depend on others for his own good. As a father of 3 children, Jattinn does not believe in having nannies to care for children. Despite being sufficient financially, Jattinn never hired any domestic help or nannies. He believes that children learn what they see from their parents. And thus wants to contribute to their upbringing.

On the subject, he says," I like to do things in a certain way. I cannot expect the same from someone else. Thus looking after my family and work is a personal choice. I am happy about it as it keeps me active, and happy."

Apart from being a designer and painter, Jattinn Kochar has been a part of several television serials, such as Khoobsoorat, Fashion Square, and The India Show, as an anchor and a guest anchor. He has also written for many fashion and lifestyle newspapers and magazines.

Jattinn believes that whatever talent he has is all god gifted, and what he can do, is work hard every single day to thank him for it. In a world of glamour, Jattin's humbleness and attitude to life are inspiring. CitySpidey wishes him good luck in his future endeavours.