Gurgaon Police has its eyes on you
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Gurgaon Police has its eyes on you

These cameras will be worn on traffic policemen's shirts, and have a device that will allow recording in front vision and a screen to replay videos.

Gurgaon Police has its eyes on you

Have you ever thought about overspeeding? The kind you do when you know no one else is looking? 

Keeping in mind the number of traffic violators in Gurgaon on any given day, the city's police has come up with a new way of dealing with the problem.

Apart from just mounting cameras on busy intersections, city cops will now be seen wearing high-tech body cameras on their uniforms. The cameras will record traffic movement on the busy roads as well as the conversations between traffic violators and Gurgaon Police.

These cameras will be worn on traffic policemen's shirts, and the device will have a rotating camera head and a wide-view lens that will allow recording in front vision. Moreover, these will be equipped with a screen to play videos, which can be used to show traffic violations, accidents and mishaps.  

As per senior officials of Gurgaon Police, in the first phase, 15 cameras will be given to traffic inspectors on major areas such as MG Road, Sohna Road, Sector 29 and Old Delhi-Gurgaon Road. Police officials claim that the move will help improve safety and security in the city.  

“The video and the audio will have a tamper-proof digital fingerprint of date and time. It will not be possible to delete or overwrite footage captured by the camera. The high-definition cameras will operate in nearly all weather conditions,” said Y Puran Kumar, joint commissioner of police.

So do think the next time you are jumping a signal in Gurgaon. You may have the police's eyes on you.