Traffic sees red at Sector 82
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Traffic sees red at Sector 82

People hardly follow traffic signals in Noida, flashing or otherwise. But this blinking signal has aggravated the situation, with pedestrians in constant danger of being hit or being run over by speeding vehicles.

Traffic sees red at Sector 82

A traffic signal flashing red near Sector 82 on Bhangel road in Noida is causing major snarls in the area. The signal has been malfunctioning for a month.

"Bhangel road has always been plagued by traffic congestion, but this blinking light has aggravated the situation," says TC Tyagi, a resident of Sector 82, Noida. "In the absence of regulated traffic cues, pedestrians are at constant risk of being hit or run over by speeding vehicles."

Jitendra Singh, a resident of Kendriya Vihar-II, Sector 82, said he has already complained to the traffic police about the problem, but no action has yet been taken. 

City Spidey took up the issue with Sanjay Singh, SP Traffic, Noida. "A request will be forwarded to the Noida Authority to fix the light immediately," he assured.