Markets of Dwarka to cater all your needs
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Markets of Dwarka to cater all your needs

These markets have everything, from groceries to chic clothes

Markets of Dwarka to cater all your needs

Dwarka isn't only about schools and residential societies, there are tons of things to look for and do in Dwarka. With the increased development in the sub city, with malls and many colleges coming in, we Dwarkawallas can never skip a chance to head to the OG markets for either yummy street food or maybe the last minute shopping. Here is a guide to help you out what different markets have to offer.

Sector 6 Market

Opposite sector 10 market is the Sector 6 Market, this is probably the most famous market in every household, for many reasons. You can enjoy some yummy street food along while you run errands for medicines, cosmetics and even accessories. You can also spot people shopping from the local vendors and the shops across the market. And you can also head here for a meal in Berco's, V Barrel, etc.

Sanjay Kumar, A resident from sector-6, says, "The Sector 6 Market is a hub for a lot of activity. With teens hanging out & eating momos while returning from their tuitions to clothes for people from all age groups, the place ahs it all."

Sector 10 Market

Opposite Sector 11 Sports Complex, this market is filled with so many delicious variants of street foods like shawarmas, Kathi Rolls, Momos, Gol Gappas, and what not. You can also spot some food chain outlets of Burger King, Subway and BTW here. Apart from these, this markets has a few gyms, dining restaurants, sports equipment shops, stationery etc.

Ritu Gupta, a residents from sector-10, says, "This is a food lover's paradise, especially for those who love street food & Indian bakeries. Puri Bakers are one of the most famed bakeries in the area. They make all kinds of biscuits and pastries that are absolutely decadent."

Sector 11 Market

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Near Kargil Chowk, this market homes plenty of jewellery stores like Tanishq, Senco, Kalyan Jewellers, Reliance Jewels, and many more. Along with some Banks and mobile network stores. And of course, street food, is a must in every market but hey it has also got some dining options for you too like Playground, Dhaba King, etc.

Sector 12 Market

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In between KM Chowk and Aashirwad Chowk, lies Sector 12 Market. Here, you can find some mouth watering street food but what sets this apart from other markets would be the brand outlets here along with supermarkets. You can find, brands like Levi's, Woodland, Indian Terrain, Sanskriti and many more for shopping and different supermarkets like Kitchen Affairs, Rajmandir etc for grocery shopping. Also, this market has some nice dining options for you as well like Hi Mirchee, Aggarwal Sweets, Singla's to name a few.

Sector 7 Market (Ramphal chowk)

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Ramphal Chowk market is one of the busiest markets of Dwarka. The shopping hub of Dwarkawallas, this lit market has everything and anything you need to shop for. Filled with numerous supermarkets, shopping stores like- Goyal Sons, FBB, W Store, Fab India to name a few, lip smacking street food stalls like- KC, MomoZone, Pav Bhaji stalls; repair shops, jewelry shops, bakeries and what not. It is always bustling with people and traffic. Also you will get second hand book stores and uniform stores. In short, it is a complete market to cater all your daily needs.

Sushma Sharma, a resident from Sector-7, says, "The Sector 7 Market, Ramphal Chowk does well to act as a little getaway from all this, for the people there. It's always buzzing with activity as youth throng this market frequently. it is the oldest and best market in Dwarka."