Here is some yummy & healthy ready to eat food
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Here is some yummy & healthy ready to eat food

Delectable yummies without stepping out of your home? Yes.

Here is some yummy & healthy ready to eat food

The third wave of Covid-19 in India seems to be around the corner, however, people are prepared. They have turned their attention to what they were eating. The kitchen has become a centre of most households and the meal of the day, the biggest event. By now, staying at home only bring tiredness. Even the most avid cooks struggle to balance chores at home with work from home schedules. Banana bread gave way to bread, butter and boiled eggs.

Like many others, after baking my share of banana bread, cooking up all kind of feasts after consulting my mother, my perpetual fatigue found its little helpers. Today, my freezer holds stacks of frozen parathas, momos and kebabs. All I need to do is heat and eat.

Long gone are those days when you could head out to your fave cafe to enjoy a plate full of munchies with your loved ones. Given the current scenario, going out to eat is definitely not in the cards. But hey, why fret when you can gorge on delectable yummies from these local brands without stepping out of your home? Oh yes, read on to find more about them!


MTR is a household name for its wide selection of Indian spices or masale, however, its ready-to-eat (RTE) meals have a different fan base altogether. You'll come across variants including Dal Makhni, Chana Masala, Paneer Butter Masala, Rajma Masala, Mixed Vegetable Curry, Pav Bhaji, and more from their fascinating variety. Recipes from around the country are restored to offer people a nutrients-enriched and flavourful treat to indulge in.

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Kitchen Of India - ITC Limited

Capturing the rich heritage of India in its spread of delicious ready-to-dine food products, Kitchen of India by ITC Limited redefines the realm of packaged food in the country like nobody else! Their food packs feature all-natural ingredients and are free from any sorts of chemicals and preservatives. You can buy these packs from Big Basket and Paytm Mall.


Juicy fillings, thin wrapper, ready in two minutes, and no preservatives - that's how you get RTE food from Prasuma, especially if you are a die-hard fan of momos! This homegrown brand specialises in offering ready-to-eat momos that are super nutritious, healthy to consume, and scrummy, and have also become a fad especially during such grave times when our local momo joints are shut down.

These lip-smacking packs of momos are found across Modern Bazaar, and Spencers. Order yours and get your fill of momos right at the comfort of your home!


Bikaner and its sub-brand Bikano are household names when it comes to food. However, did you know that this Indian brand is also ventured into RTE food packs that you can savour at home? Well, you must check out their RTE variants including Dal Makhni-Jeera Rice Combo, Kadi Pakoda, Punjabi Chole, Shahi Paneer, and Pav Bhaji that feature a scrumptious taste and will help you calm down your hunger pangs on a delicious note!

The pack is carefully closed and sealed so that the food inside stays fresh for months at a time no matter what/how the conditions exterior to it are like.


No preservatives, no added colours, and 100% natural - that's what Freshway's RTE products are all about! With their aim to make cooking more creative, less time consuming, and more flavourful, they have launched a spread of ready-to-eat products that score high on quality and safety.

Calm your longings for your favourite food without spending much time in the kitchen by buying a few ready-to-eat packs from them including Dal Makhani, Palak Paneer, Pav Bhaji, Veg Biryani, Paneer Bhurji, Moong Dal Sheera, and more!


From drool-worthy Chicken Jumbo Nuggets to succulent Chicken Chapli Kebabs and Chicken Smoke Pepper Strips, Meatzza is making sure that all your meaty cravings are being taken care of! These yummies are available in different sizes that you can order from BigBasket, Amazon and Paytm Mall.

Godrej Yummiez

This popular brand will appease your taste buds with their Chicken Nuggets, Cheese Corn Nuggets, Classic Salami Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Sausages, Veg Sticks, Pepper & Herb Chicken Sausages amongst other options. These toothsome packs are priced decently and are available on Nature's Basket, Big Basket and Paytm Mall.

Folks, stay at home and enjoy these treats with your fam