Winter Food for your toddlers!
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Winter Food for your toddlers!

Winter food won’t take up a lot of your time and will keep them warm

Winter Food for your toddlers!

Keep foods that keep you warm in handy, winter is here!!  As the temperatures begin to drop, sleeping in cosy blankets and dressing up in warm jackets won’t be enough for your little ones. Eating particular types of food also assists in keeping your kids, disease-free and warm.

As your little one starts enjoying solid foods, you need to be a little creative to get them to eat food that is good for their health.

Here are some food recipes that will give your baby the right nourishment and won’t take up a lot of your time and keep them warm.

Dry fruits : Badam khanne se Dimang Badhega!

The best fruits to have in winter are hands down, the dry fruits. Dry fruit powder mixed in milk helps your toddler gain weight and the best thing is that its mid aromatic flavour makes it a delicious drink for children.

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Vegetables: Hari Sabji Roz Khao!

We’ve always learned that a healthy diet must include green leafy vegetables. Yes, because the vitamins in these vegetables are not only energy boosters but also help fight diseases. In winters, try to include more underground/rooted vegetables – ginger, carrot, potato, onions, garlic, radish, yams, sweet potatoes, beets, turnips, etc.

Eggs: Sunday ho ya Monday, Roz Khao Andey!

During the cold winter months, eating an egg a day does keep you warm, but it also gives children the much-needed energy and nutrients. Sunnyside up, eggs benedict or a fluffy omelette, plain boiled egg topped with pepper and salt, give your kids egg the way you like it or the way they like it!

Badam Halwa: Tasty bhi Healthy bhi!

Who doesn’t love to have a warm delicacy in winters? This healthy dessert made with milk, sugar, ghee, and almonds is a favourite of any Indian. Almonds will keep your child’s body warm and help in the stimulation of digestion. They are also a good source of protein that is essential for bone strengthening.

Vegetable soup: Soupy veggie soup!

Vegetable soups are wholesome and healthy. You can make soup with your choice of fresh vegetables, cream and spices. You can serve it as an evening snack for your babies. The goodness of vitamins in these vegetables helps in energizing your kids and is refreshing too.

Your child’s daily food intake should be a combination of all of the above. As we say, ‘wintertime is for comfort food and warmth,’ give your child good food to treat winter blues.