A winter afternoon in Lodhi Gardens
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A winter afternoon in Lodhi Gardens

The Lodhi Gardens with its natural environment is a lively part of Delhiites

A winter afternoon in Lodhi Gardens

Delhi, a city of multinational companies, concrete edifices, chaotic traffic and busy lives, is always bustling. On most days and in most places in this city, the air is thick with pollutants. We could give you a long list of reasons for it. But today we are on a different trip. Today we want to offer an escape from all of this, and present you with sort of an oasis. I am taking you on a leisurely afternoon walk in Lodhi Garden.

It was 4:00 pm. It took me an easy 10 minutes walk from Jor Bagh metro station to reach my destination, Lodhi Garden aka Lodi Garden.

The moment I entered the famed garden, I was met by a Glasshouse. The glasshouse is located in a small corner pocket of the garden, surrounded by thick greenery, fresh air and pink flowers on the top. The Glasshouse is dedicated to a variety of plants such as spiders, rubber, money plants and many more enclosed in transparent walls. The chirping of birds in the background made it a therapeutic experience.

As I walked into the garden, I came across Mohammed Shah Tomb, a majestic beautiful tomb with an octagonal structure. It has a big umbrella-like structure around the corner making the tomb look more captivating. It traces its history back to 1444 when the tomb of Mohammed Shah, a Sayyid Dynasty ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, was constructed here by his son and the last ruler of the dynasty, Ala-ud-din Alam Shah.

Mohammad Shah Tomb, Lodhi Gardens

The Lodhi garden with its natural environment, monuments and open pastures is a lively part of many people's lives. People use it for a variety of purposes. These gardens are a favourite for local joggers, yoga enthusiasts and artists.

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On this visit, I could see some people having fun with family and some finding much needed alone time.

Friends having a birthday party at Lodhi Gardens

At some distance, I saw a person sitting under the shade of trees with his laptop and working. Devender who works in an IT company and is presently working from home, says, "I come here almost every day. This silent zone with pollution-free air makes me feel great and I can concentrate well on my work."

Work from Lodhi Gardens

I also came across a lady who worked at the Delhi High Court enjoying the balmy evening surrounded by her books. “I have a little daughter and sometimes I don't get enough time at home so I come here and study. It makes me feel good.”

Studying amidst nature

A mother from a family of 4 people was seen having a good time with her baby girl. She says, "There are no open spaces at home for my little ones so we like to visit Lodhi Garden. It provides open space for my kids to play around and explore nature."

Making memories with family

After a brief walk in the park, I noticed the well-maintained greenery present in the garden. Lodhi gardens are home to nearly 100 species of trees labelled with their names and QR codes which can be scanned to know more about these plants.

Further, I noticed two more tombs facing each other. Sheesh Gumbad and Bada Gumbad. They are known as the square tombs from the Lodi era, Sheesh-Gumbad was named sheesh because of its once mirror-like appearance. The blue enamelled tiles gave the impression of being a mirror.

Sheesh Gumbad, Lodhi Gardens

On the other side is Bada Gumbad which translates as the big dome. It has a mosque on one side and a guesthouse on the other. In the area between the dome, mosque and guesthouse are some graves from later periods. I must say Bara Gumband Tomb was my favourite of all. I stopped for a few moments to appreciate its huge scale, symmetry in combination with side structures, Arabic calligraphy in stone and its well worked out interiors.

Bada Gumbad, Lodhi Gardens

This place becomes even more interesting when you walk over the historical Athpula bridge (made by Mughal Emperor Akbar) and come across beautiful fountains. The lively fountains with multicoloured lights would leave a pleasing effect on you.

Picture credits: CitySpidey

Fortunate are those who are living near the premises. OP Faizi, a lawyer says "I have my office near the park and I come here to have a walk every day. I am very fond of taking walks here as it is well maintained."

Over the years, Lodhi Gardens has become an abode for locals and tourists. Amidst nature, everyone finds something unique. The garden remains open from 5:00 Am to 8:00 pm April to September and 6:00 am to 8:00 pm October to March.