Fulfil your Potassium needs with these foods
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Fulfil your Potassium needs with these foods

Our body requires an adequate amount of potassium to function efficiently

Fulfil your Potassium needs with these foods

Potassium is one of the most important elements required to keep our body going efficiently. Not only it regulate the heartbeat and maintain the functioning of muscles and nerves, it also helps to metabolise carbohydrates and synthesize protein.

Our body requires an adequate amount of potassium to eradicate complications like muscle pain, constipation, fatigue, abnormal heartbeat, and many more chronic conditions. An adequate amount for a healthy individual is 4,700mg but unfortunately, a lot of people don't consume that much potassium and when our reports show a low number of this vital mineral, we turn to the most known source of potassium, Banana. Other than Banana, there are many sources you can add to your plate to make your diet potassium-rich. Here are a few of them:

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potatoes are known to be rich in potassium and can also be eaten in several ways. Adding them in your winter diet can help fulfil your daily potassium requirements as consuming one medium-sized potato provides 541mg of potassium to you. It is also low in fats, packed with protein, and contains complex carbohydrates and fibres. To make your meal well balanced, you can prepare a salad of red beans and sweet potatoes.

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Coconut Water:

Coconut water is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and keeps you hydrated. You can extract 600mg of potassium from 240ml of coconut water. After a workout, the best way to refresh yourself is to have a chilled glass of coconut water. Not only potassium but it also provides magnesium, calcium and sodium.

Dried Apricots:

Dry apricots have a longer shelf life. They are one of the great alternatives to bananas. Consuming 6 pieces of dry apricots gives you 488mg of potassium. Not only this, it is also a good source of Vitamin A and E.


No doubt spinach is densely packed with various nutrients and is one of the healthiest foods. You can get 540mg of potassium from 156 g of frozen spinach. The same size of green leafy veggies contains 57% of Vitamin K and 29% of Magnesium.

Tomato paste:

Tomato paste is made up of cooked tomatoes which is easy to add to any cooked vegetable or pulses. 50grams or three tablespoons of tomato paste can give you 486gm of potassium and it is also a good source of vitamin C.

Why do we require potassium in our diet?

This underrated mineral helps the body in the following manner:

  • It is important to regulate fluid balance inside the body.
  • It helps in muscles and heart contraction.
  • Supports the nervous system.
  • May reduce blood pressure
  • Protect against strokes and kidney problems.
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