Winter ache: Causes and prevention
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Winter ache: Causes and prevention

Find out which one can be your reason with tips to avoid it.

Winter ache: Causes and prevention

Body aches can occur anytime and for many different reasons. However, as Winters progress and the temperature drops, many people experience sudden pain in different areas of the body, especially back pain. Pointing to any one particular reason for this can be a little tricky. Here we have mentioned some of the reasons for the pain and tips you can adopt to prevent these common winter aches.

Find out which one can be your reason with tips to avoid it-

Increase in sedentary lifestyle: With Winter, laziness arrives on our door. The cold weather hampers our workout schedule and many people limit activities that involve physical strength or moving out of the house. Over time, this can result in muscles and joints of the body becoming stiff and painful.

TIP: If it is not easy to wake up early and exercise, prefer a light workout during the mid of the day for 20 to 30 minutes.

Wrong postures: When chilled weather sets in, human beings naturally tend to stay inside and sit at one place for longer hours. Sitting for prolonged period results in poor posture. Being in one position for a long time can put a lot of pressure on your spinal cord and back muscles. This can result in neck pain, joint pain, lower back and upper backache issues.

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TIP: Stay active and work on your postures. Sit with a straight back, do not slouch on the couch or anywhere. Remember to keep your feet flat on the floor do not cross your ankles or knees. Keep your shoulder relaxed and do not bend your neck for more than 1 minute. Remember to take 5-10 minutes of break after every hour if you sit for a prolonged period.

Inappropriate dressing: Going out in winters without proper layering can be dangerous as it can not only cause body aches but can also result in conditions like Pneumonia, cold and cough.

TIP: Protect yourself against chilled weather and keep yourself warm with layers of clothing. If you prefer jogging, exercising or playing any sports outside in the winter, choose appropriate winter sportswear that can keep you warm while working out.

Eat well: Maintaining a healthy diet is essential every season to remain fit, and avoid complications like painful joints and muscle soreness.

TIP: Consuming food rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and nuts reduces joint inflammation. Add seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet to make it healthier. You can also consume vitamin C rich food like capsicum, oranges and tomatoes to build immunity.

Bad mood: Yes this is true! Many studies show a relationship between our mood and body pain. The worse your mood is, the more pain you may experience.

TIP: Keep yourself and your surroundings positive, avoid negative talk and negative energy in your surroundings. Practice meditation and mindfulness.

Understand the reason behind your pain and try out these tricks to prevent winter ache and let us know your experience in the comments section.