Pop those corns, here are the upcoming K-Dramas in 2022
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Pop those corns, here are the upcoming K-Dramas in 2022

K-dramas have remarkably become something of a global phenomenon

Pop those corns, here are the upcoming K-Dramas in 2022

We have a thing for K-dramas, and for all good reasons. The year 2022 has just started & we are heading to get a lot of good K-dramas. This entertainment genre has progressed far beyond simply captivating audiences with outrageous plots. K-dramas have remarkably become something of a global phenomenon, thanks to their dynamic influence on food, music, and, notably, fashion; from baggy sweatshirts to cute looking long coats, we just love K-culture way too much.

We've put together a list of highly anticipating Korean dramas that will be released in the upcoming months, whether you're a die-hard K-drama fan or a pop culture connoisseur looking to learn and explore. Have fun watching!

Juvenile Justice

Prepare to be engrossed in a crime drama that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. It is an absolute must-see for anyone who enjoys courtroom dramas. Juvenile Justice follows an elite judge as she takes on the role of a newly appointed judge in a juvenile court. She goes from despising juvenile delinquency to learning what it means to be an adult as she meets youths and tackles complex cases.

Release date January 2022

All of Us Are Dead

Inside a trapped school, a zombie virus breaks out and spreads quickly. Students in high school are in grave danger as they struggle to survive and escape a situation that devolved into hell. Will they be able to unite and fight their way to safety? Will they betray the living and become one of the rabid infected, or will they betray the living and become one of the rabid infected? To find out, watch All of Us Are Dead on Netflix.

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Release date 28 January 2022

A Business Proposal

Keep a close eye out for the romantic comedy 'A Business Proposal' if you're looking for something a little lighter. The upcoming K-drama, based on the Webtoon novel The Office Blind Date, stars four well-known Korean actors. The storey follows a heartbroken woman who goes on a blind date to find out that the man across the table is the CEO of the company she works for. There will be 12 episodes, with two new episodes released every Monday and Tuesday.

Release date 7 February 2022

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

The lives of five characters are depicted in this upcoming South  Korean television series, which spans 1998 to 2021. New episodes will air every Saturday and Sunday after the premiere, two days before Valentine's Day.

Release date 12 February 2022


The crime thriller drama follows a mission led by the National Intelligence Service to apprehend a Korean drug lord in Suriname. Ha Jung-woo ('The Closet', 'Lovers in Prague'), Hwang Jung-min ('Hush', 'Deliver Us From Evil'), Jo Woo-jin ('Mr Sunshine', 'Chicago Typewriter), and Yoo Yeon-Seok ('Hospital Playlist', 'Mr Sunshine')  are among the star-studded cast members. Fans of the award-winning 'Narcos' may be in for a treat.
Premieres on Netflix in 2022

Money Heist

The Korean adaptation of the award-winning Spanish drama "La Casa de Papel" will follow the same plot and characters as the original but with a new cultural twist. Director Kim Hong-sun ("The Guest") and writer Ryu Yong-Jae ("Peninsula") team up for this series starring Yoo Ji-Tae ('Mad Dog', 'When My Love Blooms'), Park Hae-soo ('Squid Game', Prison Playbook'), and Jeon Jong-Seo ('Burning', 'The Call'), who is new to the small screen.

Premieres on Netflix in 2022