Start your day with protein stuffed parathas
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Start your day with protein stuffed parathas

You can make your paratha a rich source of protein at home

Start your day with protein stuffed parathas

Is there anyone who does not love a hot plate of parathas? We think not. Parathas are not only easy to cook but are also full of flavour, making for the best dish to curb your hunger pangs. And, you can add zest and yummy ingredients to your paratha by experimenting with a bunch of different stuffing options. You can go the sweet route or stick to a traditional savoury paratha recipe. No matter what the stuffing is, parathas make for a great dish any time of the day.

However, there is no better way to start your day than with a punch of protein. Using a variety of ingredients, you can make your paratha a rich source of protein.

Chicken Paratha

Credit: Licious 

If you love chicken, we have good news for you. Chicken, which is a good protein source, also makes for great paratha stuffing. You can marinate the meat and cook with a range of spices as we have mentioned in the recipe or use your own in-house ingredients to make this tasty paratha.

Egg Paratha

Credit: Tarla Dalal

The egg paratha is a favourite across age groups and is really simple to make. You can pair it with curd and pickle to begin your day on a healthy note.

Chana Dal Paratha

Credit: Vica food

Another great source of protein is chana dal or chickpeas, which is a healthy choice for the vegetarian and vegan foodies among us. This dish is easy to prepare and can be seasoned as per your requirements and spice tolerance.

Meethi Paneer Paratha

Credit: Patrika

Paneer is a rich source of protein and methi or fenugreek is a great ingredient for conditions such as diabetes. With finely grated paneer and methi leaves combined together, this stuffing is perfect for a healthy plate of parathas.

Aloo-Paneer Paratha

Credit: Food frolic

We are ending this list with a classic. Aloo paratha is a dish that needs no introduction. If you want to add a healthy dose of protein to the mix, you can add paneer to the aloo stuffing and make a lovely plate of aloo-paneer paratha.

We are sure your week ahead is going to be filled with yummy stuffed parathas. So, save this list and have a great time.