Valentine 2022: Ideas for your loved one!
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Valentine 2022: Ideas for your loved one!

If you're looking to skip the bouquet and box of chocolates, you're in luck.

Valentine 2022: Ideas for your loved one!

We all know that Valentine's Day isn't just a holiday reserved for those in relationships. It's the perfect opportunity to spread a little extra love and let the special people in your life know that you appreciate them.

While gifts aren't everyone's love language, they're one way to spoil those close to you on Valentine's Day. You can tap into their interests to show how much you care, from experience gifts to self-care essentials. So, if you're looking to skip the bouquet and box of chocolates, you're in luck.

To make your Valentine's day special here are some ideas for your special one:

Amazon Kindle

If your significant other loves to read and is mostly on the move, they'll love an ebook reader. When it comes to ebooks, there's hardly anything other to recommend than a new Kindle ebook reader. The all-new 10th generation Kindle comes with a built-in light. Even if your loved one doesn't like to read much, a Kindle might turn them.

Book your travel, make memories

Take quality time to another level and book a travel getaway plan with your partner. As you explore a new place, enjoy exploring the new sides of your co-traveller. Don't forget to seal those memories in pictures.

Book a spa

There's nothing more romantic than getting a rejuvenating massage, followed by a dip in a Jacuzzi or a tub together. Seeing your partner in that stress-free zone, calm, relaxed and smiling is a return gift for yourself.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

In the age of smartphones, who buys a camera? But the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is more like a camera toy. It's fun, easy-to-use, and makes a great gift for a loved one on Valentine's Day. Priced just under Rs. 4,000, you end up with a great overall package. It comes with a new selfie mirror close-up lens attachment and a built-in flash.

Book tickets for shows or movies or musical

Book tickets to a theatre, show or movie for the two of you. Experiencing similar emotions of joy and sadness as the characters unravel their theatrics is a great bonding game. Follow it up by discussing the film or show and take the conversations to your life. Movies, sometimes, work as great triggers to unbolt some of the deepest emotions. Let the bottled up emotions flow freely.

Cook for your partner

There is nothing more romantic than cooking a meal together and then sharing it. The intimacy and shared laughter over creating a dish, however it may turn out, is the perfect way to celebrate each other.

Enjoy the season of Love !