Celebrities who wore the worst outfits
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Celebrities who wore the worst outfits

Just like we have the best-dressed celebrities, we have the worst dressed Bollywood's actors

Celebrities who wore the worst outfits

Bollywood is a hub for fashion inspiration. Every day, we see tons of pictures of best-dressed celebrities spamming our feeds with their glamorous attires. Every day is a new trend, from gym looks to tempting airport looks, we love everything about Bollywood! But everything comes both ways; just like we have the best-dressed celebrities, we have the worst dressed Bollywood's actresses and actors that will definitely make your heads turn away!

Urfi Javed

Credit: Instagram 

Topping the list, Bigg Boss OTT contestant Urfi Javed has a different taste in fashion, or should I say the worst. In this picture, these black cutout pieces make no sense; the cuts are untidy and are made anywhere without giving it a second thought. Urfi, we suggest you hire a fashion stylist soonest or else you will set the examples of blunders in Bollywood.

Ranveer Singh

We know Ranveer, you shine bright like a diamond, but you are shining way too much in the picture here. The glitzy golden high neck is making no sense with the velvety shiny bright pants. Ranveer, we were still okay with the pants and high neck, but what with the tacky shiny boots, the whole outfit is very loud. Being a fashion guru and trendsetter for everyone, we expect a lot from you.

Rakhi Sawant

Say hello to the desi Cleopethra, Rakhi Sawant. She went to Big boss wearing a blue gown and funky headgear. She has always been in the news for her funny and entertaining looks, but her looks stunted everyone this time as it was hilarious. The headgear was too much, and plus, the fluffiness around the neck was way too much for the dress; she is the queen of extra, and she proved herself once again at the set of Bigg boss.

Tamannaah Bhatia

It was evident that Tamannaah had put her look together in a real hurry. The red corset and the boyfriend denim did not team up most positively; the bright red corset and light blue moms fit jeans are not pairing well with each other. And top of that, the funky polka dots heels are the worst part of the entire outfit.