Dogs menace a pain in GreNo West
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Dogs menace a pain in GreNo West

Residents of Supertech ecovillage 3 and Supertech Oxford square are terrified

Dogs menace a pain in GreNo West

Last night at 2.30, many whistles started blowing in the campus of Supertech ecovillage 3 and Supertech Oxford Square to send the stray dogs away. However, in vain. Consequently, many residents were unable to sleep. The incident really exemplifies the problem of dog menace the residents are facing. The problem has taken away their sleep and peace of mind.

Stray dogs have thrown life out of gear in this Supertech campus. More than a few incidents of dog bites have been reported in society recently. Parents are afraid of letting their children out of sight as it is extremely dangerous. Residents are furious as dogs damage their delivered goods and create unsanitary conditions in society.

Recently, residents of F block, Oxford Square, shared a picture of delivered items completely torn down by stray dogs.

A father of a 5-year-old son raises a concern, "Last time I was with my son and a stray dog came running toward us and jumped on my son. I was with him that time so I saved him. This indicates that I can never let my child out of my sight. I can not even think of leaving his hand when taking a stroll inside the society."

Padma, a resident of Oxford Square while talking to CitySpidey gave a real picture of the dog menace inside the society. She shared the incident that when she was in the society garden, she saw a huge dog running towards her and her two kids. In the ensuing struggle, she got bitten while the children got wounded. "It was actually a pet dog. The whole incident got captured on CCTV. The owner was talking on the phone, while the dog attacked me. This is the reality of a society that promises 100 percent security for residents."

Another residents shares, " We do not have the luxury of sitting in a chair and relaxing in the society premises as the very moment, the stink of the dog’s poop enters your nostrils and you have no other option but to go back."

A lady from the highrise Supertech ecovillage 3 said, “We live on the 15th floor. Dogs can be seen here too. ! It is scary to think if anyone comes from stairs and dogs attack what can happen to him. One day, a dog tore my husband’s shoe worth 3500 rupees. We complained to the guard but the damage was done."
Residents have shared that stray dogs often excrete in the lifts which makes it very difficult to use them. "It is a very difficult situation as sometimes you are in an emergency and have no other option to go in a dirty lift." says a resident.

One resident asks, “Why does Supertech maintenance and security allow dogs to enter society”.

Many in the area know the answer, there are several loopholes in the construction so that no amount of security can stop them from coming inside the society. On inspection, CitySpidey found that the boundary walls have been under construction for a long time. The wide gaps in society boundaries are an invitation for stray dogs. Residents feel that 99% of dogs are coming from this steep area. Residents are furious this is dangerous for children too.

According to the security staff, stray dogs enter society because people feed them. Residents have been seen feeding dogs from their balconies. When complained about, this has resulted in altercations. Security staff share that dogs also come into society because people keep garbage outside their flats. Dogs come in looking for food and eventually strew the garbage all around resulting in a complete mess.

On this, residents say that garbage collection is not done on time. Or sometimes the person is not available at the time the garbage is collected hence they have to keep the garbage outside. And then dogs pull it all around.

Residents and society security apparatus unanimously feel that Supertech builder needs to seal off all the common points from where the dogs entered society. Moreover, residents feeding dogs inside the premises is adding to the problem and it needs to be stopped. They believe that residents feeding dogs through their balconies should be fined.