Banquet Hall becomes cause for traffic congestion near sector 51
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Banquet Hall becomes cause for traffic congestion near sector 51

Residents of sector 51 have complained to the RWA regarding this issue.

Banquet Hall becomes cause for traffic congestion near sector 51

Noida: The residents of Sector 51 are facing problems while commuting under the sector 52, metro station because of unauthorized parking near Rama Banquet Hall. They have complained to the Sector 51 RWA regarding the same on February 2, 2022.

The RWA, General Secretary and other officials visited the area and found that the entire area from Sector 52 Metro Station to Gate No. 1 of Sector 51 was covered by cars. This creates traffic congestion while entering and exiting from Sector 51.

On this subject, Sanjeev Kumar, General Secretary says, “Residents of the sector are facing such problems due to inadequate parking space for the guests who arrived for the function near Rama Banquet Hall. Unauthorised parking has been done in the entire area from VDS Market to Gate No 1 of Sector 51 by the Banquet Hall which is wrong which RWA Sector 51 strongly opposes. RWA sector 51 requests the higher officials of the Authority to kindly help the residents get rid of the problem. Strict action should be taken. The Traffic Police Department is also requested to deduct the challan if any vehicle is parked in this area by Banquet hall.”

He added, “it came out in the meeting the CEO of Noida Authority, Ritu Maheshwari, that the residents may face the problem of traffic congestion due to the opening of the banquet hall below the metro station and today this has been proved true.”

Sanjay Sapoori, a resident of the sector says, “This problem is faced by all residents, mostly for the residents of F, D and E block. The entry from the main road becomes difficult because of the parked cars. There are 600 houses on this side. There are two metro stations one in Sector 51, Aqua line and another in Sector 52. And the banquet hall is near the underpass under the sector 52 metro station. The area was already crowded because of the metro stations and it has become and the issue has only increased after the banquet hall."

Another resident, DK Chaubey says, “From the last one week, we are facing a lot of issues. All the cars are parked on the road in the sectors which creates chaos.”

CitySpidey also talks to the owner of the Banquet Hall, Amarjeet. He said doesn’t have any information about the complaint.  “There is nothing like this in my knowledge and if it will happen, it’s my duty to resolve this.”